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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: BotKiller 2 Freeware'd

BotKiller 2 Freeware'd

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 15:50, 7/10/2001 | ,
Artex Sofware (don't you just love 'em?) have taken time out from working on TEK just long enough to release BotKiller 2 as freeware.

The 2D platform/shooter, previously released as a budget title, also comes with a level designer just in case you want even more 'bot killage. It can be downloaded from the Artex website, www.artexsoft.com

  BotKiller 2 Freeware'd
  (09:34 8/10/2001)
  Jeffrey Lee (14:00 9/10/2001)
    Jonathan Atherton (20:35 9/10/2001)
      Jeffrey Lee (16:14 10/10/2001)
thesnark Message #86855, posted at 09:34, 8/10/2001
Unregistered user This takes the piss - I'm speechless with surprise and amusement in fact.

After delaying for years, I only went and posted off a cheque to Wag Software not more than a few days ago...!
Hmm.... I wonder if they'll cash it and send me a nicely packaged copy, or not cash it and tell me to download it for free.

Still, nice to see another good game being released as freeware (after Dune II). Presumably this will either drive up the quality of commercial software, or kill the market entirely. Obviously I hope that there is enough life in the old dog for the former to happen, but it will be interesting to see...
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Jeffrey Lee Message #86856, posted at 14:00, 9/10/2001, in reply to message #86855
Unregistered user Didn't the AU games CD have the full version on it?
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Jonathan Atherton Message #86857, posted at 20:35, 9/10/2001, in reply to message #86856
Unregistered user It was on AUCD13 I think.
Jeffery I found your SunBurst utils on AUCD9 when I was rooting through the other day
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Jeffrey Lee Message #86858, posted at 16:14, 10/10/2001, in reply to message #86857
Unregistered user Oooo, I never knew those got put on there. Once I can be bothered to learn how to use the WIMP I'll do a nice new version of the save game editor :)
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: BotKiller 2 Freeware'd