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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: GameSuite Development

GameSuite Development

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 13:35, 5/11/2001 | ,
This in from Andrew Hill, who's trying to get things moving with RISC OS game creation tool GameSuite:
Just a brief recruitment note. I've set up a public discussion group on Smartgroups (www.smartgroups.com) to try and encourage development of GameSuite and encourage amateur programmers (well, ANY programmers to be honest,) to do some games development with the GameSuite games engine. I'm aiming to get enough people together that we even get some development of the source code and enable it to take advantage of some of the Risc PC's features.

Basically the group aims are:

  1. Encourage games programming by highlighting awareness of easy-top-use tools.
  2. Develop GameSuite.
Anyone interested can look up GameSuite on SmartGroups, e-mail gamesuite-subscribe@smartgroups.com, or e-mail me (drew.hill@tesco.net).

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: GameSuite Development