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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News roundup

News roundup

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 14:45, 2/11/2005 | ,
  • Word Workout is a new game by Ian Hamilton that generates crossword-like puzzles. There are no clues, but instead all the letters in the puzzle have been replaced with numbers. It's up to you to work out which numbers correspond to which letters, so that the words that are spelt out make sense.

  • Chris Bazley of Star Fighter 3000 fame has released, for free, a patch to bring any version of Star Fighter up to the same level as the commercial version. He's also released an early version of the much anticipated SFeditor, his home-brew Star Fighter map & mission editor. Both are available here from the Star Fighter downloads page. Chris has also been interviewed by our sister site The Icon Bar in their latest podcast - check it out here.

  • And last but not least, Andy Thomas has sweet-talked Acorn games makers Psycore (now known as PomPom Games for Windows/Mac/Linux) into releasing their two classic RISC OS games Big Bang and Revolver as freeware. Both will run fine on anything from RISC OS 3.1 to Select, and will run on RISC OS 5 with a little help from Aemulor Pro. Download them here from our free games section.

  News roundup
  (07:31 4/11/2005)
  Guest (22:45 5/11/2005)
Guest Message #87767, posted at 07:31, 4/11/2005
Unregistered user Revolver will run native on the Iyonix - no need for Aemulor , but BigBang will need Aemulor to run.
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Guest Message #87768, posted at 22:45, 5/11/2005, in reply to message #87767
Unregistered user damn these games are great
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News roundup