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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISCOS Ltd to launch new web site

RISCOS Ltd to launch new web site

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 13:06, 31/10/2004 | , , , ,
RISC OS Developments Mock LogoAs part of the recent deal with Castle, RISCOS Ltd are to change their name, and surrender the riscos.com domain to Castle. As a result RISCOS Ltd will be changing their name to "RISC OS Developments", and have acquired the domain "riscosdevelopments.com".
Asked on the timescale for the move to the new domain, Paul Middleton, MD of ROL told The Icon Bar "It will be done piecemeal over the next few months." he also commented on the design of the site saying "A revamp of the all the sites is planned but no overall design concept has been decided yet."

RISCOS Ltd (riscos.com)
RISC OS Developments (holding page)


  RISCOS Ltd to launch new web site
  andrew (15:41 1/11/2004)
  ad (19:29 1/11/2004)
    apdl (08:21 3/11/2004)
Andrew Message #93207, posted by andrew at 15:41, 1/11/2004
HandbagHandbag Boi
Posts: 3439
But Adjust will still be available from RISC OS Developments?
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Andrew Duffell Message #93208, posted by ad at 19:29, 1/11/2004, in reply to message #93207

Posts: 3229
I see no reason why not.
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David Holden Message #93209, posted by apdl at 08:21, 3/11/2004, in reply to message #93208
Posts: 138
As it's just the name that's changing Adjust (and other products) will continue to be available.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISCOS Ltd to launch new web site