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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Aemulor Pro-gress

Aemulor Pro-gress

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 11:44, 22/4/2004 | ,
Here's the moment all you Iyonix fans have been waiting for - a game compatability table for Aemulor Pro!

You can view the full list of programs supported by Aemulor Pro here, or you can get a list of what will mostly be games by choosing to show Pro-only software.

The good news is that out of our free games selection Terramex, ArcElite, Ixion and Cycloids work fine. The bad news though is that Phaethon and DarkWood don't run at all.

Of course none of this matters right now since Aemulor Pro hasn't been released yet - but according to its programmer and brainchild Adrian Lees, beta testing has just started today. This means that from now on it'll be 'essential fixes' only, such as getting PacMania running (And possibly DarkWood too). In the words of Adrian himself, Pro could be ready by <lancashire>By t'end of t' month</lancashire>. But whether he really says made up HTML tags out loud to place emphasis on his speech we'll probably never know.

If you can't wait that long though, then don't forget that there are also some good quality free emulators out there - the most useful for RISC OS users being !emulator, aka !A310emu. According to our anonymous helpers, DarkWood will run perfectly well under this, although the combination of graphics options you find run at an acceptable speed may vary by how much you've been down the pub.

Source: Adrian Lees of Aemulor

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Aemulor Pro-gress