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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Arcquake and QuakeC patches

Arcquake and QuakeC patches

Posted by Alasdair Bailey on 00:00, 30/10/2000 | , , ,

QuakeC Patches

Arcquake and QuakeC patches

In common with the PC version of Quake, both Acorn conversions can execute additional code in the form of QuakeC patches. These patches add extra features to the game, most focussing on deathmatch play.

Unless otherwise stated, to install these patches with either RCI's port or the original ArcQuake, simply extract the contents of the .zip file using SparkPlug or similar to a new directory inside !Quake with the name of the patch then start Quake with the command line parameter -game [patch dir name]. For instructions on the use of these patches, please refer to the appropriate text files within the download.

If you have a patch you would like to see reviewed here, email me at alasdair@acornarcade.com, please do not send files without prior notice.


Speed Key

Some patches will add extensively to the amount of processing power needed to run the game at an acceptable rate. Here at Acorn Arcade, we employ a simple system for rating patches:

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Fast - doesn't make the game any slower

Borderline Blue - acceptable on a StrongARM 233 chip

Terribly Slow - far too slow, perhaps still playable with a reduced screen size




Friendly Fiend


This brand new patch provides the user with a friendly fiend which follows you about and provides protection against all ills. The patch is still under development and could do with a little more work on the monster's AI (Artificial Intelligence). However, it is still good fun, especially in multiplayer games where fiends can be left to fight it out while you run off and hide!

By Jeffrey Lee







Requiem - Ode to the Dead



Basically, this patch is the bees knees. It's got some pretty
funky weapons, an excellent (infinite length) grapple hook and best of all, BOTS! The bots aren't anywhere near as smart as the WarBots, or anywhere near as challenging for sheer death or glory bloodlust as the GyroBots, but they're reasonable. Let's say they're about as good at Quake as John is at Doom. Still, these bot dudes know how to use their weapons. Admittedly, they can be extremely thick at times, but in general they'll blast you with things when they have surplus health, and gib you (that is, use the gib gun, which sucks energy from you and gives it to them) when they have little. I've never seen one use the freeze gun, which is seriously odd, as it plays a great part in my favourite tactic for this patch.

All in all, it's all in all a very good patch, and well worth the download.







Quake Rally


Quake Rally is a most ingenious use of the Quake engine. Essentially, it turns Quake into a racing game. In general, it works very well indeed once you get it running, which can be difficult. [I have found the control system a little confusing myself, but it has provided some fun afternoons on a college network - G]

Requires the full version of Quake.







Reaper Bots


Reaper bots were the most advanced Quake patches in their time. They use fuzzy logic and heuristics to achieve advanced Quake playing skills, with provisions for route mapping, weapon choices, swimming and even jumping down things or leaping on moving platforms to get stuff. They do however have some bad points: for example, they forget the layout of levels each time you play, and they quickly become predictable.







War Bots


Warbots are the next stage up from Reapers. They have proper (if rude) names, for example "Unholy" instead of "rpbot01skill3", run slightly faster, have improved AI, no longer grab weapons from nowhere near them, and they get thrown about by explosions, as normal deathmatch players would.

Is it worth it?
Yes, most definitely. If you enjoyed the Reapers, you'll love the WarBots.

Getting it to run
Simplicity itself. You simply de-archive the zip to !(Arc)Quake.warbots. and add

    -game warbot -listen 16 +map *****

(Important: You must use the -Listen 16 command)







Grappling Hook


The Grappling hooks are essential items for both single player games and for Capture the Flag. They certainly add a certain je ne sais quoi to the game, allowing you to get to all those hard to reach places which had previously required difficult (and dangerous) rocket jumps.







Disc (Xena's Chakram)


The disc add-on gives you from the outset a new weapon - a throwing disc very similar to the one on the Xena TV series. The disc bounces off walls, eventually returning to your hand (although in complicated areas you might need to go pick it off the floor). It can kill grunts, dogs etc. in a single swipe, cutting them in half and carrying on like nothing happened - excellent for throwing into a crowded room!

Getting it to run:
De-archive to !ArcQuake.disc and add the line

    -game disc

to the !Run file.







Monty Python!


Monty Python's Flying Circus patch is a collection of humorous Monty Python sounds tagged on to Quake events. For example, when you pick up a health pack in Monty, you hear Michael Palin proclaiming that he's got love in his tummy. When you fire the grenade launcher, there's a chorus of FISH! and a suitably humorous fish is sent flying from the end of your weapon.

Amicable. The sound can become a little broken up if there are a lot of fish about. Also, the action can get a little confused with lots of enemies dying or firing at you.

Is it worth it?
If you're a Python fan, the it's a must. If you can't stand Monty Python, it's also a must. Every time I heard John Cleese shouting "Albatross!" I nearly collapsed laughing. The fish definitely lighten the mood.









The Fear patch is not one single new idea but a collection of lots of peoples patches all stuck together. The actual features list is far too long to talk about here, but you will find Y-Cam, Spells, Ability points, extra weapons, grapple hooks, playing dead, homing missiles, loads more weapons... basically it rules out the need for most other patches out there.


Is it worth it?
Erm, yeah, I'd get it. It's pretty good, adds one or two very nice features (Guided missiles, woohoo!) and some dodgy ones (you can't drop down to the exit at Cthon's lair coz the drop kills you) but all in all, the missiles, the grappling hooks and the crossbow makes up for it's short comings.







Aliens Quake


Erm, yeah. Aliens Quake is technically illegal. I have to say that it is a good illegal thing. It's joined the realms of cannabis, under-age drinking, and beef on the bone. All I can say is that it's absolutely fantastic. It's got atmosphere pouring out of it like the atmosphere processing plant on LV4-26 (which exploded!) in Aliens did. It's dark, it's f®¿¢&#ng scary, and it's bloody good. The aliens range from face huggers, which if they get to you kill you instantly, to huge great things 12 ft high (which also kill you). Well, what can I say? Erm, it is definitely available on the 'net, I can't tell you where, (because I don't know) but a couple of well-spent hours with all the search engines you can get your hands on will see you through.

Did you read that bit up there? Did you? Read it again.





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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Arcquake and QuakeC patches