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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Doom - CLI switches

Doom - CLI switches

Posted by graham on 00:00, 30/10/2000 | , ,

CLI Switches

This is a complete listing of all the CLI switches for Doom. To use them, you should enter them into the "Others:" text box at the bottom of the miscellaneous options window. Note: versions 2.00 onwards signify Acorn Doom+ CLI switches.




-altdeath1.00Initiate an alternative deathmatch game. (NET)
-config <filename>1.00Specify a different configuration file to the standard one.
-deathmatch1.00Initiate a deathmatch game. (NET)
-debugfile1.00Produce a debug file. (NET)
-devparm1.00Enable various development features.
-double1.00Force double buffering.
-episode <episode>1.00Specify episode to start at.
-fast1.00Speed up the monsters.
-file <files...>1.00Specify WADs to use.
-fullscreen1.00Start the game in fullscreen mode.
-loadgame <filename>1.00Load a saved position.
-map <map>1.00Specify map to start at.
-maxdemo <size in KB>1.00Specify the maximum size of recorded demos.
-nocache1.00Disable column caching.
-nodraw1.00Don't ever draw anything.
-playdemo <file>1.00Specify file to play demo from.
-profile1.00Process and display every tic for profiling purposes.
-record <filename>1.00Record the game as a demo to the named filename.
-respawn1.00Respawn monsters after a period of time.
-skill <skill>1.00Specify skill level.
-timedemo <file>1.00Specify file to time demo from.
-timer <minutes>1.00Auto-end games after specified period of time.
-turbo <percentage>1.00Speed up your players movement.
-usecache1.00Enable column caching (useful with SA)
-warp <level>1.00Specify level to warp to.
-windowed1.00Start the game in windowed mode.
-x <width>1.00Specify screen width.
-y <height>1.00Specify screen height.
-ropal1.01Use RISC OS to set the palette rather than VIDC.
-bright2.00Enable brighter colours in 24bbp mode.
-cachedinitdir <path>2.00Enable cached initialisation using the specified directory to store caches.
-cachedinit2.00Enable cached initialisation.
-fastinit2.00Disable WIMP multi-tasking whilst initialising.
-maxkills <kills>2.00Auto-end games after a number of kills have been accumulated. (NET)
-mergeungrouped2.00Merga all lumps which are outside the 'groupings'. This can force some PWADs to display better.
-monstercount2.00Display the number of monsters remaining on the automap screen.
-noicon2.00Disable the iconbar icon.
-nomonsters2.00No monsters appear on the level.
-nomusic2.00Disable music playback.
-nosound2.00Disable sound effects.
-precachedemo2.00Enable full caching during demo playback.
-secretcount2.00Display the number of secrets found on the automap screen.
-zonearea <area number>2.00Specify the area to use on an A5000.
-altcolours2.01Use alternative palette on an A5000.
-escapeupmenus2.01Escape will move back to the previous menu level rather than returning to the game.
-killmessages2.01Display a message when something is killed.
-killsahead2.01Auto-end games when one player is a number of kills ahead of the others. (NET)
-nodesktop2.01Don't allow the user to return to the desktop.
-nofirelinesfix2.01Give a message when you enter a secret area.
-noinitwarnings2.01Ignore any errors that occur during initialisation.
-nonewfeatures2.01Disable non-standard features (NET)
-noprecache2.01Disable level precaching.
-noproximity2.01Disable the proximity sensor.
-pcnet2.01Enable networking with PCs. (NET)
-proximitytink2.01Use the 'tink' sound effect rather than the 'ping'.
-savedir2.01Specify directory for saved games.
-single2.01Force single buffering (allows higher resolutions).
-ultimatefix2.01Fix problems with PWADs used with Ultimate Doom which would otherwise give nasty looking textures.
-usechecksum2.01Enable checksumming. (NET)
-font <font name>2.02Specify the text window font.
-nofont2.02Use the system font in the text window.
-notextwin2.02Disable the text window.
-opentextwin2.02Open the text window as soon as loaded.
-extremeblood2.03Lots more blood when monsters are shot.
-gore2.03Ridiculous amounts of blood when monsters are shot.
-moreblood2.03More blood when monsters are shot.
-noscaledbar2.03Don't scale the status bar.
-allowcontrol2.04Allows control of network game options (and name distribution). (NET
-allownaming2.04Allows character naming. (NET)
-fullfrags2.04Display netgame frags as 'kill minus suicide' totals.
-pmi2.04Prevents kills or firing for a few seconds after a player is spawned. (NET)
-pname <name>2.04Set our player name (to be distributed). (NET)
-pname# <name>2.04Set player # name. (NET)
-showfrags2.04Display netgame frags in top right of screen.
-shownames2.04Display player names above their heads.
-wavynames2.04Make player names wobble.
-diminmenus2.05Dim display when using the menus.
-maxzone <size in KB>2.05Specify the maximum size of the zone.
-monsternames2.05Display monster names above their heads.
-colour <name>2.06Specify the colour you wish to play as. (NET)
-droprandomweapons2.06Drops a random held weapon when you are killed. (NET)
-dropweapons2.06Drops the currently held weapon when you are killed. (NET)


(NET) signifies net game only CLI switches.
Obsolete CLI switches are displayed in grey.


Thanks, of course, to Justin Fletcher for providing the complete list of CLI switches and then adding even more!

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Doom - CLI switches