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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Doom Utilities

Doom Utilities

Posted by graham on 00:00, 30/10/2000 | , ,

Doom Utilities

There are several utilities available for Acorn Doom on the internet. The best ones are featured here. If you know of or are developing a new Doom utility that is not on this page, email us at doom@acornarcade.com so we can add it to the list.






Deth v1.00

This is the ONLY Doom WAD editor available for RISC OS.
It is a straight port of PC Deth v3.92 so it still has an unfamiliar DOS
interface however that doesn't stop it from being a very competent editor.
You can edit an existing level or build you own from scratch. It also has
many nice little features such as intelligent error checking and stair
building. Plus it builds the nodes itself so this is the only program
you'll need. Download it now!
!Deth v1.00 255KB
Ported by 
Lee Noar
Original by Anthony J. Burden and Simon Oke





DeHackEd v0.26 B

DeHackEd is THE Doom engine editor. It was conceived to allow the easy editing of various constants within the actual Doom executable. In short, by tinkering with DeHackEd, it is possible to modify the way in which Doom actually plays. For example, you could make Imps fire rockets at you instead of fireballs or you could make the double-barrelled shotgun fire quicker than the plasma rifle! Its all possible. An essential download for all hard-core Doomers.
!DeHackEd v0.26 B 113KB
Ported by 
Luke Graham
Original by Greg Lewis



WAD Compression


WadPtr v2.2

WADPTR is a small program used to compress the contents of a WAD file. It achieves this by performing three separate crunching methods: lump merging, graphic squashing and sidedef packing. This latest version is fully automatic and can produce WAD files of a considerably decreased size. This is useful to cut down download times if you intent to host WAD files on your website etc.
WadPtr v2.2 20KB
Ported by 
Andreas Dehmel
Original by Simon Howard



ArmDeu v1.15

This is a useful little program used to merge PWADs with the main IWAD to get playable, standalone WADs. This is of particular interest to DIY Doom users as this program can be used to create the Aliens TC WAD and other alternative level sets.
ArmDeu v1.15 18KB
Ported by 
Andreas Dehmel
Original by Raphael Quinet


WAD Manipulation


JSlige v1.01

Slige is a random level generator for Doom and Doom II. When initialised, it creates a new WAD file from scratch which can then be played just like any other. And just because its random doesn't mean it outputs poor quality levels. You can also specify certain parameters for each new WAD to adhere to such as minimum lighting levels and the inclusion of a large showdown arena. A very clever program indeed!
!JSlige v1.01
Ported by 
Justin Fletcher
Original by Dave Chess






DoomWAD v1.04

This little utility allows you to extract WAD files and/or put them back together. I have managed to extract and rebuild the entire Doom 2 IWAD without any problems. Useful if you want to add your own sound effects or sprites to a PWAD.
Note: You may need a long filenames extention in order to extract the larger WAD files as RISC OS only allows 77 items in a directory.
RaFS by
Richard Atterer is a good example of this type of program.
!DoomWAD v1.04 18KB
Coded by Alex Macfarlane Smith





This is an installer for Aliens TC, the Doom total conversion by Justin Fisher. It creates a new !AliensTC application by copying parts of the original !Doom app and modifying. The advantage of this is that all the fiddly work such as installing DeHackEd patches gets done for you. It is designed to work with RCI's port of Doom, and subsequent update Doom+.
Note: You will also need to download the Aliens TC WAD files.
!Alienate+ 184KB
Coded by Kiwi Software



DoomPS v1.00

Another nifty port from DOS to RISC OS. This program produces a map of a specified level which can then be output as a Drawfile. As we have come to expect from Justin's software, there's a selection of options to experiment with aswell.
!DoomPS v1.00
Ported by 
Justin Fletcher
Original by James Bonfield



WadWhat v1.00

WadWhat is a simple little app which displays gameplay information about a selected WAD file. It counts up the number of enemies, weapons and ammunition and calculates the ratio between them. Particularly useful for WAD authors who want to get an idea of how balanced (or unbalanced) their level actually is. It can also do some other things like calculate the average light level and the amount of that level that is covered with lava or nukage.
!WadWhat v1.00
Ported by 
Justin Fletcher
Original by Randall R. Spangler and Gregory Kwok

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Doom Utilities