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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News roundup

News roundup

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 00:51, 7/5/2004 | ,
fx: Announcers voice: And here with all the latest gaming news is Jeffrey 'Phlamethrower' Lee!

'New' demo from TXP

Coder Skandor of The Xperience contacted us a few days ago with 'Yamilo', an unreleased 20KB demo from the group. It was designed to run at full frame rate on ARM710 machines, and for its size it features an impressive number of good-looking effects. Unfortunately there is no music, but the graphics can hold their own without it. Download a copy here from our downloads section.

Soft Rock Software: Not dead yet

As we reported a few weeks ago, it was looking like the website for software house Soft Rock Software had closed down. Luckily this was not the case, as only a temporary server problem was to blame. Although the site is back online it is currently going through a redesign, so won't be launched fully for at least another few days.

Aemulor Pro released

The behemoth of an emulator that is Aemulor Pro has now been released. As we mentioned earlier this is good news for all you Iyonix owners, because you'll now be able to play many of the old games that require 26bit processors. Thanks to the ARM 3 emulation mode, you are even able to play some games which Risc PC owners are unable to. The release notes for Aemulor Pro are an impressive read, so hats off to programmer Adrian Lees and manager/webmaster Neil Spellings for bringing it to market.

Existing Aemulor users can purchase an upgrade for £49+VAT, while new users will have to pay £99+VAT. For those who want to try before they buy, there is also a time-limited demo available from the website.

YABG: Yet Another Berty Game

This time it's the freeware classic Gyrinus 2 that we have uploaded to our server. Although Gyrinus 2 is and always has been in the public domain, there have been various requests for this and Tom Cooper's other freeware games so I thought I might as well start putting them up. Gyrinus 2 should run fine on anything from RISC OS 2 to 5 (with a little help from Aemulor Pro). However there can be issues with the sound effects on Risc PC's, and users with 1MB of RAM will have to use the program !MrMemory hidden in !Gyrinus2.Gyrinus2 to switch the game into 1MB mode.

Expect some more of Tom's games, free or otherwise, to appear here sometime next week, along with some more regular news updates.
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  Jeffrey Lee (15:55 8/5/2004)
    Michael Drake (18:57 8/5/2004)
      Jeffrey Lee (22:00 8/5/2004)
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              Guest (17:24 31/5/2004)
Andrew Weston Message #87624, posted at 17:46, 7/5/2004
Unregistered user The firing-indoors bug from Darkwood could do with being fixed as it's impossible to pay properly on RISC OS 4. Have you tried any of the patches?
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Jeffrey Lee Message #87625, posted at 15:55, 8/5/2004, in reply to message #87624
Unregistered user Patches? Where? :o
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Michael Drake Message #87626, posted at 18:57, 8/5/2004, in reply to message #87625
Unregistered user Thanks for releasing that demo, Skandor. :)

Jeffrey: There is a Darkwood patch at:
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Jeffrey Lee Message #87627, posted at 22:00, 8/5/2004, in reply to message #87626
Unregistered user Thanks Michael - I'll look into it.
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Jeffrey Lee Message #87628, posted at 22:15, 8/5/2004, in reply to message #87627
Unregistered user The version number of the patch is older than the version number of the game, and 90% of the files are the same, so I'm guessing that a newer version of the patch has already been applied to this version of Dark Wood. However, there's no mention of a fix for the RISC OS 4 crash (Presumably because RISC OS 4 wasn't around in 1995!)
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Guest Message #87629, posted at 04:47, 9/5/2004, in reply to message #87628
Unregistered user LOL! Yamilo refuses to run on Sundays. Try it! :)
And, wow, /that/ is how to code. I take my hat off to them!
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Guest Message #87630, posted at 16:51, 10/5/2004, in reply to message #87629
Unregistered user That's a shame about the patch as it makes the game impossible to play on RISC OS 4 alone. The only answer it seems is A310em and you lose the sound.
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Guest Message #87631, posted at 17:24, 31/5/2004, in reply to message #87630
Unregistered user The demo is amazing.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: News roundup