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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Vice 1.15 released

Vice 1.15 released

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 18:59, 3/9/2004 | ,
Zarquon has updated his port of Commodore emulator Vice to the latest version, 1.15. Some of the changes are:

  • Improved event recording and playback
  • Some CPU opcodes have been fixed
  • Various cartridge improvements in the C64 emulator, and cartridge support in the PLUS4 emulator
  • Four true drives are now supported by VIC20

Those who are familiar with the emulator will probably want to head straight over to Zarquon's site to download it, but those who haven't used it before will probably do well to heed these words of warning:

Warning: Vice is huge and needs lots of processing power. The emulators need a Wimpslot between 9MB and 13.5MB and you can't hope to get anywhere near 100% emulation speed unless you've got a StrongARM; for 100% speed even under complex emulation conditions (such as most games) you'll need an Iyonix-class machine and even that one will struggle with really demanding stuff. So it's quite pointless to download this huge archive if you don't have a 16MB RiscPC with StrongARM minimum spec.

  Vice 1.15 released
  (11:22 4/9/2004)
  Jeffrey Lee (13:17 4/9/2004)
    Guest (13:51 4/9/2004)
      Guest (15:27 4/9/2004)
        The Doctor (19:46 5/9/2004)
          Bent Bracke (00:06 22/11/2004)
Guest Message #87671, posted at 11:22, 4/9/2004
Unregistered user What commands do you type to load a game on a C64?


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Jeffrey Lee Message #87672, posted at 13:17, 4/9/2004, in reply to message #87671
Unregistered user No idea - I've never used a C64. I suspect the manual will be able to give you some help though:

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Guest Message #87673, posted at 13:51, 4/9/2004, in reply to message #87672
Unregistered user Why on earth does an emulator for an 8-bit maximum 128K machine require over 200MHz of processing power and 100s of times more memory? I just don't understand why that should be the case.
6502em/Beebit manage fine. Even DOSbox doesn't need that much memory does it?
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Guest Message #87674, posted at 15:27, 4/9/2004, in reply to message #87673
Unregistered user If a C64 emulator was written from scratch specially for RISC OS, in optimised assembler then it wouldn't require anything like that amount of power.
V.I.C.E. on the other hand is written to be quite portable and in C and probably written on machines running Linux or Windows. On such machines, power would not be an issue.

Engine room: We need more speed!
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The Doctor Message #87675, posted at 19:46, 5/9/2004, in reply to message #87674
Unregistered user Having said all that, it is quite possible to get V.I.C.E. to run at 100% fullscreen on a Standard StrongArm machine. You just need to play with the settings a bit to get them right.
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Bent Bracke Message #87676, posted at 00:06, 22/11/2004, in reply to message #87675
Unregistered user LOAD "programname",8,1


Will show what on the disc.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Vice 1.15 released