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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Wavelength now available [Updated]

Wavelength now available [Updated]

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 20:55, 24/6/2004 | ,
WaveLength would appear to be more of a mainstream game compared to some of Tom Cooper's other works - a plain 'ol space based shootemup. However as with most others of Tom's games there's a subtle twist, and in this case it's the weapons system used. Your ship will start off rather pathetically equipped, and if you run round blowing up everything in sight then it'll probably stay that way. The trick is to take it slowly, waiting for the weapon bonuses to change to the right type for your current weapon - otherwise you'll be knocked back to the stoneage and have your weapon reset to the weakest setting.

Definitely not one for the hasty folk out there.

This version should work fine on versions of RISC OS from 3 to Select, as well as RISC OS 5 under Aemulor Pro.

Many thanks to The Doctor for donating this copy of WaveLength to us, and to Matthew Thompson for donating his copy of Worldscape - which we'll endeavour to have patched up and ready to go as soon as possible.

It appears we have a slight legal problem on our hands, as I've just received an email from CJE saying that Skillsware own the rights to Wavelength. Since I've never heard of them before, the chances are that we're not allowed to distribute Wavelength - so for now at least the download has been removed.
  Wavelength now available [Updated]
  (21:09 24/6/2004)
  Guest (08:52 27/6/2004)
    Jeffrey Lee (19:09 27/6/2004)
      Guest (17:52 29/6/2004)
        Guest (18:00 29/6/2004)
          The Doctor (20:36 30/6/2004)
            Guest (22:40 1/7/2004)
              Jason Togneri (11:18 16/7/2004)
Jeffrey Lee Message #87650, posted at 21:09, 24/6/2004
Unregistered user Note to self: Creating a news report in a hurry by copying and pasting the description from the free games page isn't such a good idea, because there will be no links to the actual download.
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Guest Message #87651, posted at 08:52, 27/6/2004, in reply to message #87650
Unregistered user When I first tried to load WaveLength there was no icon on the iconbar, this I eventually discovered was due to the naming of the application and it's sprite. If you rename both from !WaveLgth to !WaveLength, the iconbar icon appears :)
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Jeffrey Lee Message #87652, posted at 19:09, 27/6/2004, in reply to message #87651
Unregistered user Doh, my mistake!

A fixed version has now been uploaded.
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Guest Message #87653, posted at 17:52, 29/6/2004, in reply to message #87652
Unregistered user There's info. (and contact details) for
Skillsware at:


Apparently, they produced the James Pond game.

Is Skillsware different to Gamesware? According to the CJE website, it's Gamesware that produced Wavelength:

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Guest Message #87654, posted at 18:00, 29/6/2004, in reply to message #87653
Unregistered user Legal problem? On RISC OS? Nah?! ;-)

Thanks for the download. I love the originality of this game: the whole spaceship/shooting thing was a revelation when first released. Up 'til then, all games had been variants of the "hamster with hammer" genre. Wibble!

Anyway, just had a fun few hours finishing this. The passwords are below, if you'd like them.




1 = One
2 = Andromeda
3 = Keeper
4 = Frenzy
5 = Valhalla
6 = Quicken
7 = Zeus
8 = Hades
9 = Attrades
10 = Frenzy
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The Doctor Message #87655, posted at 20:36, 30/6/2004, in reply to message #87654
Unregistered user Of course, Frenzy being the password for level 4 means it can't be the password for level 10 as well. It's Fortify.
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Guest Message #87656, posted at 22:40, 1/7/2004, in reply to message #87655
Unregistered user Thanks for correcting my mistake, Doctor! It's always good to know that someone is paying attention at the back of the class ;-)

In need of a little fortification, Mjollnir
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Jason Togneri Message #87657, posted at 11:18, 16/7/2004, in reply to message #87656
Unregistered user There are only 10 levels on Wavelength!? Darn, and I'm on level 7... thought there'd be at least 30 :-o has anybody by any chance created user levels, or is there any easy way to do so?
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Wavelength now available [Updated]