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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Weenies! A new game

Weenies! A new game

Posted by The Doctor on 15:44, 5/9/2004 | ,
Not strictly a new game for RISC OS but for the BBC micro which as we know was made by Acorn.
If you ever wondered (many moons ago) what Lemmings would have looked like on the BBC micro (hell it was released for the C64 and ZX Spectrum) then Christopher Dewhursts new game 'Weenies' may give you some idea. Released relatively recently via the 'CronoSoft website', Weenies is not an exact port of Lemmings but is definately based around it.

The idea is to guide the Weenies around the scenery to the safety of home.
You can put obstacles in their path to make them turn the other way, build bridges to carry them across chasms etc...

What do I think of the game itself? Well let me get the one critisism I have out of the way first.
There is a presentation screen when you load the game which slowly builds up the word 'Cronosoft' and then the word 'Weenies' is scrolled across the screen (made up of small Weenies).
This is a nice piece of presentation the first time you see it but there is no option to skip it and go straight to the game. It's not so slow it infuriates but it niggles a tad.

Now to the good points:
The graphics as you can see, are quite good, drawn as they are in a low res mode and good use is made of the four colours available and the palette changes with each level so as to keep things colourfull.
The sound is also quite nice with good spotFX and various tunes that play at the beginning and end of the levels.
The game is quite good fun to play and is of the quality that might easily have been published years ago when the 8 bit machines were at their peak.

Pop along to the Weenies page on the Cronosoft website for more information about the game and how to buy it.
It is available both on Cassette with proper cover and also now as a Disc Image for use on BeebIt, the BBC emulator for RISC OS.

Cronosoft's website
The Weenies webpage!
BeebIt BBC emulator

  Weenies! A new game
  (20:48 5/9/2004)
  Guest (21:00 5/9/2004)
    The Doctor (21:54 5/9/2004)
      Guest (01:36 6/9/2004)
        Guest (09:48 6/9/2004)
Guest Message #87677, posted at 20:48, 5/9/2004
Unregistered user It looks like a great game Doctor and I'm about to top over there to make a long overdue purchase of it!

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Guest Message #87678, posted at 21:00, 5/9/2004, in reply to message #87677
Unregistered user Does anybody know whythere is P&P for a disc image when you pay by PAYPAL?
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The Doctor Message #87679, posted at 21:54, 5/9/2004, in reply to message #87678
Unregistered user Because you are viewing it with Netsurf which makes a bit of a pigs ear of the page rendering.
The P&P is for the cassette version.
Try using Oregano 1 or 2, Fresco, WebsterXL, or Browse.
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Guest Message #87680, posted at 01:36, 6/9/2004, in reply to message #87679
Unregistered user I was using Fresco and it said P&P£0.99+£1.99 for the image giving a stated total of £2.98
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Guest Message #87681, posted at 09:48, 6/9/2004, in reply to message #87680
Unregistered user Hmm, I thought you were just looking at the Cronosoft shop page but now (investigating further) I see you are indeed looking at the paypal page.
I can only guess that Cronosoft will send the disc image to you on disc or something.
You might wish to email them to make sure.
(Personally I think £2.98 is a small amount to pay these days, but that's just me).
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Weenies! A new game