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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Couple of updates: Nutmeg, Unix ports

Couple of updates: Nutmeg, Unix ports

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:43, 2/7/2002 | , , , , , , ,
Image Software have written in with news of their latest upgrade to Nutmeg, a cache for Oregano. I'm not big on posting software updates usually (it has to be something big), but it includes some timings which are interesting.
Nutmeg provides a cache for Oregano which can dramatically improve performance of the browser when re-visiting sites or visiting separate pages of a site which share common files such as images. Check out some of these performance figures:

SiteWithout NutmegWith Nutmeg (from cache)
Yahoo14 seconds4.3 seconds
Lycos15 seconds6.7 seconds
IMBD38 seconds11.4 seconds
Acorn User29 seconds6.2 seconds
Cyber Village12 seconds3.8 seconds
BBC News30 seconds10.9 seconds
Slashdot27 seconds9.0 seconds
Speed tests performed on a 200MHZ StrongARM RISC PC, RISC OS Select, 56K modem. 'Without Nutmeg' speeds dependent on network loading (ie. time of day, load on server, etc). 'With Nutmeg' speeds dependent on specification of machine, cache size and settings. In addition, Nutmeg allows you to export sites, site areas and individual files making up a site, from the cache to disc.
Nutmeg costs £20 fully inclusive.
Image Software

And I'll just slip in the news that Peter "Chocky" Naulls has released full details of his porting initiative, with details of where to send the cheques to! As soon as he has a few punters signed up he'll be releasing a few tasty morsels for everyone to download. So long as SSH is one of them Chox (in case you forgot ;)

  Couple of updates: Nutmeg, Unix ports
  epistaxsis@work:( (15:07 2/7/2002)
  andrew (15:35 2/7/2002)
    pnaulls (17:28 3/7/2002)
keith dunlop Message #91185, posted by epistaxsis@work:( at 15:07, 2/7/2002
Posts: 7
Time to send Herr Naulls the spons methinks...
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Andrew Message #91186, posted by andrew at 15:35, 2/7/2002, in reply to message #91185
HandbagHandbag Boi
Posts: 3439
20 quid? Flipping Nora!
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Peter Naulls Message #91187, posted by pnaulls at 17:28, 3/7/2002, in reply to message #91186
Posts: 317
Roll up! Roll up! (chimpanzees inside).
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Couple of updates: Nutmeg, Unix ports