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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 10i4 edition reviewed

Drag'n'Drop 10i4 edition reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:51, 22/2/2021 |
If you are looking for some RISC OS reading to keep you busy and entertained we can recommend the latest edition of Drag'n'Drop.

Drag'n'Drop is a quarterly RISC OS magazine published as a PDF file. It will remind you of the 90s style Acorn magazines and is a mixture of news, reviews, listings, and tutorials. The listing are also available to save you typing. This month's edition is 33 pages of reviews, news, tutorials and even adverts (nice to see the RaspberryPi 400 appearing in a now and then comparison with the original BBC Micro).
As usual, there are 2 pages of News with links to website pages and downloads (a major advantage of publishing the magazine online).
There are also some nice, documented programs to type in and learn from. This month, there is a text editing program written in BASIC which shows nicely how to use outline fonts, an article on creating icons, a guide to using the Toolbox with Basic, a guide to WimpWorks and a Desktop Solitaire game. The guide to Postcript reaches part 2, and we start to dig into the command set.
The new Raspberry Pi 400 is reviewed along with the Book Acorn - A world in Pixels
The magazine does end a little abruptly - it would be nice to have an endpiece or a teaser to next time.
As usual Chris delivers a great read, with a nice balance of articles whatever your knowledge and interests.
Drag'n'Drop website
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 10i4 edition reviewed