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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Guildford SouthEast Show preview.

Guildford SouthEast Show preview.

Posted by fwibbler on 14:22, 16/10/2003 | , , , , , , ,
Yes, the South East RISCOS show is again nearly upon us, being held at the same location as last year in Guildford, we take a brief look at just some of the goodies on offer from some of the RISC OS companies this year.

To begin with, there should be more room this year following a re-organisation of space after last years crushing masses.

Castle Technology will have their Iyonix machines on display and on sale and are also launching their Christmas offer early this year to coincide with the show.
The Christmas offer is that of a FREE 19" monitor when you buy certain models of Iyonix PCs. The offer will run until the end of February 2004. In addition to this, there is also the offer the FREE USB card reader on all Iyonix models until 12th December this year. Castle Technology have a theatre slot at the show to show off their machines and talk about their plans for te future.

The Aemulor team will be demonstrating an early version of Aemulor Pro and also anoth product called 'Cino'. What Cino is, is unclear at the moment although hints have been dropped that it is a PCI card of some kind may involve video processing or something of that nature!

APDL have annouced a number of upgrades, including a new version of DrawWorks Select and 32bit EasyFont Pro. Also, they hope to have 32bit versions of StarFighter 3000 and the age old favourite, Repton.

R-Comp will be demonstrating their new range of RisCube PCs running VirtualRPC in conjunction with their UniPrint software to allow transparent photo quality printing from RISC OS. R-Comp will also be giving a talk in the theatre later on.

Alpha Programming have announced a 32bit version of CocoGnut at last. This will be available at the show from the IC software stand.

Finally, three of the major RISC OS magazines, Archive, Acorn User and Acorn Publisher will have stands at the show for you to buy the latest editions and maybe take out a subscription to them.
The Editor of Acorn Publisher, John Cartmell, will also be giving a theatre presentation where he will look at the future of RISC OS and its role in design for the future. Also worthy of note, everyone attending the presentation will go away with a free gift! Make mine an Iyonix please John!

Who knows what the other exhibitors will have up their sleeves for the show including RISC OS Ltd who also have a theatre slot.

Remember, it's this Saturday!
Don't miss it!

  Guildford SouthEast Show preview.
  (13:19 17/10/2003)
Hill Message #92510, posted at 13:19, 17/10/2003
Unregistered user Er-Um! Have a look at the cybervillage!
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Guildford SouthEast Show preview.