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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Iyonix Select Pledge list reaches target

Iyonix Select Pledge list reaches target

Posted by Andrew Poole on 13:37, 3/12/2005 | ,
Iyonix Select MotifBack in October, Phil Mellor started off a Pledge List to get at least 99 other people to say they'll subscribe to Iyonix Select for at least one year. This afternoon, the pledge reached its target of 99 pledges.

If you haven't signed the pledge and still want to, the pledge is still accepting new pledges and you have until 31 December to do so. According to the statistics page for the pledge, if pledges continue at the current rate, there will be 163 by the end of the month, although I'm guessing that's not going to happen, but you never know!

Iyonix Select Pledge List (Statistics)


  Iyonix Select Pledge list reaches target
  markee (16:29 3/12/2005)
  ad (17:15 3/12/2005)
    SimonC (02:17 4/12/2005)
      flibble (14:12 5/12/2005)
mark stephens Message #94004, posted by markee at 16:29, 3/12/2005
Posts: 8
Great news for Iyonix and non-Iyonix users - we should see a more unified OS for developers (even if they remain different internally).


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Andrew Duffell Message #94005, posted by ad at 17:15, 3/12/2005, in reply to message #94004

Posts: 3262
But we have to remember that this doesn't actually mean anything will happen. ROL could just ignore this.
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Simon Challands Message #94006, posted by SimonC at 02:17, 4/12/2005, in reply to message #94005
Right on, Commander!

Posts: 398
I've a depressing feeling that they'll come up with some excuse to dismiss it, if they bother paying any attention to the list whatsoever. It sometimes feels like ROL have absolutely no intention of doing Select for the Iyonix, but instead of just being honest about it they just keep trotting out more and more excuses.
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Peter Howkins Message #94007, posted by flibble at 14:12, 5/12/2005, in reply to message #94006

Posts: 891
Unfortuanately it's not a total solution to the development issues, it's only an optional update. To maximise potential sales you'd still have to support unupgraded Iyonixs (and Risc PCs for that matter.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Iyonix Select Pledge list reaches target