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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISCOS Ltd. laugh off Castle allegations with Select3i4

RISCOS Ltd. laugh off Castle allegations with Select3i4

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 07:53, 24/6/2004 | , , , , , , ,
Shattered CogIn a private correspondence revealed on comp.sys.acorn.misc Paul Middleton has been quoted as saying "Castle's actions to date have been taken entirely without judicial backing."

"If I sent you a letter stating that your right to live in your house had been terminated and that you must immediately sell it and send us the money, I suspect you would want to see some sort legal document and court order before taking any action."

"RISCOS Ltd is still continuing with development of the Select scheme and we will be releasing Select3i4 in the next couple of days."

The Icon Bar ("TIB") have also terminated the Drobe Launch Pad ("DLP") licence to post news after TIB found DLP to be breaching that stuff written on the back of a beer mat in Newark last year. DLP were unavailable to comment last night, but earlier posted that they have acquired the rights to Authur OS from ye dodgy merchant bank. DLP are planning to market Arthur OS as RISC OS 6.

  RISCOS Ltd. laugh off Castle allegations with Select3i4
  mavhc (10:13 24/6/2004)
  fwibbler (11:54 24/6/2004)
    neorxenawang (20:15 24/6/2004)
      arenaman (15:09 29/6/2004)
        gazc (14:17 4/7/2004)
Mark Scholes Message #93057, posted by mavhc at 10:13, 24/6/2004
Posts: 660
>If I sent you a letter ...
Well, it would probably depend a bit on whether they'd been talking to me for the past year about it.
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fwibbler Message #93058, posted by fwibbler at 11:54, 24/6/2004, in reply to message #93057

Posts: 320
Not sure if we should be publishing parts of a private email simply because it has been wrongly published on usenet.
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Message #93059, posted by neorxenawang at 20:15, 24/6/2004, in reply to message #93058
Posts: 2
A new update to Select in the next few days? That's excellent news -- kudos to ROL for supporting their customers! As I understand matters, the best that Castle are able to offer in the short-term is an update to RISC OS 5 and possibly to cherry-pick the features from Select (but losing all those bug-fixes and wngancements to the kernel). That might be okay for Iyonix owners, but makes no sense at all for RiscPC, Omega, etc. owners. Moreover, offering RISC OS 3.7, or an 'early' RISC OS 4 to 'replace' Virtual RiscPC Adjust is a huge disappointment. In comparison to ROL with Select/Adjust, Castle have much less to offer...

In an ideal world, I *would* like to see the two versions of RISC OS merged (following an equitable settlement with ROL). However, in the not-ideal world in which we live, having ROL to support the Virtual RiscPC, RiscPC, and Omega market makes a lot of sense.

Good luck to ROL! I think I may well take out a Select subscription now.

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Michael Stubbs Message #93060, posted by arenaman at 15:09, 29/6/2004, in reply to message #93059
Posts: 114
"RISCOS Ltd. laugh off Castle allegations with Select3i4"

I wonder who will be laughing when the legal action has finished. A further example of Paul Middleton's lack of professionalism and general competence for running a business.

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Gazc Message #93061, posted by gazc at 14:17, 4/7/2004, in reply to message #93060
Posts: 16
Not another version of RISC OS! Authur OS the next RISCOS 6, what's the industry coming to?
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISCOS Ltd. laugh off Castle allegations with Select3i4