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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: South-West Show 2019 talks

South-West Show 2019 talks

Posted by Mark Stephens on 16:15, 16/2/2019 | ,
There was a full set of talks at the South-West show

12:00 - Talk by R-Comp & RISC OS Developments
Andrew promised a long talk as he had lots to show....He started with RISC OS developments update showing a browser. Thus is a port of OWB, running webkit. Interface looks like Browse. It is much faster than Otter. There is also a WebKit port - Iris. You wait ages for a RISC OS Browser to come along...
This Browser software is still very much beta but good to see running. Also updated us on license developments. It has generated lots of interest, especially in Far East and outside UK. 4/5 sales on Pling store over Christmas from North America.
R-Comp has a new version of Fireworkz which has new statement display modes(including a split view). Mail merge has been enhanced. Netfetch 5.5 now uses new ssl module for secure connection. Showed off the mini.m and Armbook. Mentioned the Titan and pifi
13:30 - Talk by Sine Nomine
There was a test drive of Sine Nomine games first, including House of Cards, and programs to create and solve Sudoku and a quick mention for Impact.
The main focus was showing RiscOSM. This brings Open Street Map data to RISC OS. We were shown the Map of the area of Bristol where the show was taking place, with a master tour in all the features RiscOSM has to customise and style the maps. The new Recce application allows pictures to be pulled in from the Internet. We saw the Google Street View photo for the hotel. The 10 pounds for buying Recce is going to the ROOL bounty for TCP/IP stack.
New features are being added to exploit wikidata
2:50 - Talk by Steve Fryatt
Steve gave us a tour of his lesser know software which can be downloaded for free from his website or purchased on a CD (with the money going to Charity).
!IconClipbrd was written by Thomas Leonard and taken over by Steve who made it 32bit. It provides a global clipboard and can be setup automatically from !Boot on startup. Ctrl+D will remove a filename and Ctrl+E will remove all except filename. Ctrl+S does case swapping and CTRL+T adds in today's date (configurable in App).
!ClipBoard gives you access to the clipboard via a window.
!WinScroll provides a panning option to any Window.
!GetFiler allows you to save the commands to reopen your Windows and saves to an Obey file.
!PCKeys allows you to change the way the delete key works to the same way as Windows with Delete and backspace keys
Cross provide a standard 2D or 3D version of noughts and crosses.
There is also a nice implementation of Solitaire and Pairs.
Float is a bubble help which is configurable. Window furniture and Icon bar furniture can be switched off and there is an ignore list for tasks.
3.15 - Talk by RISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL)
Steve recapped on the last 6 months of developments. He started with the Open Sourcing of the software. This has led to lots of interest. As one example, the Raspberry Pi foundation now contributed to ensuring RISC OS runs on all Pi models.
DDE has been updated to 28D
ePic has been updated, fixing bugs in some releases and updating the DDE.
RISC OS has been moving from CVS to Git and GitLab provides access.
The scheme to double bounty donations with money from ROOL was a great success so several bounties now funded and claimed. Beta testers are needed for the new tool chain. Cut-n-paste/drag-n-drop is being released in phases. Filesystem partition support is underway. Paint has received lots of improvements. Still 2 unclaimed bounties. A new bounty list will appear shortly.
TCP/IP bounty fixes security holes and moves from SSL to more secure TLS. Based on mbedTLS (developed and maintained by Arm). Already in use by Messenger, Prophet, Organizer, Recce, AntiSpam.
Todo list at ROOL is to publish roadmap update, make the DDE more accessible, make source code more accessible, identify key items to migrate from Arm, push bounties forward, working with ROD on user experience, work with third parties on new platforms.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: South-West Show 2019 talks