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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 24:6 reviewed

Archive 24:6 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:39, 10/7/2020 |
Archive 24:6 has now been sent out to subscribers (in a nice biodegradable poly bag). This is a landmark issue in a number of ways. With the sad death of Jim Nagel earlier this year, the edition has been finished off by Jim's sons as a tribute to Jim. So this is the last Nagel edited edition and the last magazine in Volume 24.

The good news is that there is a new Editor taking over and there will be a Volume 25. You can meet him and hear about his plans in our interview.
This issue also marks a first (I believe) with the whole magazine being in Colour and weighs in at a very solid 60 pages. There is a lot in this edtion, so we will just give you some examples to get your interest and leave some hidden gems for you to find.
There are all the usual Archive features here, with 5 pages of news, a report on the South-West Show and lots of regular contributors. One of the bits of Archive has always been users recounting their experiences. As an example is this month's edition, and you can read about Chris Hall's quest to buildest the smallest portable RISC OS machine, Geoffrey Baxendale's experiences building and using a Titanium, Gavin Wraiths woes with a monitor and a Pi, amongst others.
There is a good selection of reviews/tutorials, and the magazine includes Stefan Frohling introducing the Cloverleaf Project, a look at !UCDebug from Bernard Boase and Steve Roy-Marker giving a step by step guide to creating a button with a glass effect (colour really does help on this type of article!).
Archive also squeezes lots of little hints and tips into spare corners, and this month includes how to reconfigure your Netsurf home screen, plotting graphs, screen-sharing and escaping from lockups.
The magazine would not be complete without some acknowledgement of Jim. There is a section of anecdotes from many users and a nice write-up of Jim's life by the Nagel family. It is also really good to see loads of 'old' faces back for this final edition, and there are articles from Mark Moxon and Paul Beverley.
I think Jim would have approved of his final edition!
In a nice final touch/tribute, you can also read this edition free online.
We look forward to seeing what Gavin Smith does in Volume 25.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 24:6 reviewed