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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive October/November edition reviewed

Archive October/November edition reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 08:02, 6/11/2020 |
The October issue of Archive is now out. This is the first edition under the new editor (Gavin Smith) so we were keen to check it out. As with the last edition, it is all in colour.

First impressions will be one of familiarity. Gavin has kept to the traditional Archive format and so no real surprises for existing readers. Buried inside there are some innovations. So there is a nice introduction to twitter (even works well in NetSurf). It is also aiming to be published on a much more regular basis with regular bi-monthly editions.
The detailed news section covers all the developments at the recent London Show and there are also articles from RISCOSbits and Sine Nomine on what you could have seen at their stands if the show had taken place as usual.
Several regulars have transferred (or returned) with the regular PC Bits and Mac Matters columns and Chris Hall discussing getting RISC OS onto the Pi 4. Rob Sprowson has an article on ARM coding and Chris Johns talks about bringing Python 3 to RISC OS.
Nichols Cutler has the first part of a series on ARM coding. Bryan Page looks at options for BBC BASIC program. Philip Perry looks at programming in Awk and Perl and shares his experiences with troublesome monitors. There are the usual hints and tips throughout the magazine.
Gavin admits in this editorial that the first edition has been 'a learning curve' . Regulars will be very pleased to see Archive continue to be published regularly and in good hands. If you are not a subscriber, I would recommend you check it out for all things RISC OS.
I look forward to the next issue.
Archive website
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive October/November edition reviewed