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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: TextEase reviewed - Knowledge trees

TextEase reviewed - Knowledge trees

Posted by Mark Stephens on 16:43, 11/2/2021 |
TextEase if far more than just a DTP package. Depending on the version you buy, there are several additional programs included. In our first article, we looked at TextEase as a DTP/Word-processor and the packages available. In this part, we look at the Decision trees (!TeBranch).
This is a more specialised tool and looks much more focussed on Primary education. It lets you create and use Decision Trees. The familiar TextEase GUI has an additional Branches Menu which allows you to add questions and paths. The software does all the hard work with layout and arranging the trees.

Once you have created a tree, the software also allows you to run the decision tree and follow the tree as you answer questions.

I am not sure I would personally have a use of this module, but if you to create and experiment with Decision trees, it is very comprehensive and easy to use.
Elesar website
  TextEase reviewed - Knowledge trees
  Elesar (09:26 12/2/2021)
Robert Sprowson Message #125083, posted by Elesar at 09:26, 12/2/2021
Posts: 24
An example of a non educational use of Knowledge trees is to make a flow chart to diagnose a fault, like a support centre might use over the phone.

For example: Is the printer powered? Y/N. Is the feed light flashing? Y/N. Is there paper in the tray? Y/N. It's a paper jam.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: TextEase reviewed - Knowledge trees