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Acorn Arcade forums: Programming: Two networking problems
  Two networking problems
  Cauchy (18:29 2/10/2015)
  arawnsley (10:42 8/10/2015)
John O'Meara Message #123718, posted by Cauchy at 18:29, 2/10/2015
Posts: 38
Hi all,
My networking of a RiscStation does not set itself automatically when the computer is turned on. I have to go into $.!Boot.Resources directory/folder and double click on the !Internet application to get the network up on the computer. It appears that the Obey file SetUpNet in the directory, $.!Boot.Choices.PreDesk is not run by the machine.
The second problem is this: The setting of a Share disc on the RiscStation is only temporary. That is when, turn off and then on the computer the dice is set back at 'Not Shared'. I have no idea what is going wrong.

My Acorn User Guide says "Although your computer comes with a complete set of networking modules resident inside, they are automatically disabled by the !Boot application that is on the harddisc (if fitted). This is to leave as much memory as possible free for running applications if your computer is not on a network.
If you want to use your computer on a network , then you must remove the file that disables the network software." It then goes on to say the file for removing is Choices.PreDesk.SetUpNet. But this is the file that sets up the network every time you turn on the computer. They have given the wrong file for removing. And therefore I do not know what file is preventing the network from running. I hope someone here knows.
Thanking you in advance.

[Edited by Cauchy at 15:47, 5/10/2015]
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #123720, posted by arawnsley at 10:42, 8/10/2015, in reply to message #123718
R-Comp chap
Posts: 470
Just so you don't feel too ignored on this...

The problems sound quite fixable - probably a half-hour or less phonecall. However, since this is my day job, and how I feed the family, I'd prefer this bit of networking support to be done commercially (not expensive). If you'd like to give the usual R-Comp number a call, I'd be happy to help (and call you back, so it is on my phonebill!).

We also do RISC OS (and Windows) networking guides which cover some of the points you raise.
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Acorn Arcade forums: Programming: Two networking problems