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RISCBook Extreme - the fastest/best RISC OS machine available?

R-Comp Interactive is pleased to announce the availability of a new 
member of our RISCBook family of laptop computers.  The RISCBook 
Extreme is, as the name implies, the ultimate.  Or at least, as close 
as you'll get right now!

The machine is quite simply the fastest RISC OS system we have seen, 
turning in some staggering benchmarks, thoroughly walloping desktop 
machines - not bad for something that's lightweight and portable!

The RISCBook extreme uses a ultra-high resolution LCD screen, running 
at 1680x1050 widescreen resolution.  That's a HUGE amount of desktop 
screen space, normally associated with LCD screens costing 500+ ukp. 
RISC OS works wonderfully at this resolution, with the extra width 
being fabulous for the oft-cluttered iconbar, and allowing two 
documents side by side with ease, at phenomenal speeds (see below).

At its heart lies the very latest 2Ghz new-generation Centrino 
machine, leveraging the bandwith offered by the latest PCI-Express 
technology.  There's 1Gb of high speed DDR2 memory, and a 100Gb hard 
drive (and camera card slots).  Dual layer DVD writing, wireless 
networking and bluetooth almost become footnotes.  The latest X700 
graphics ensures staggering 3D and 2D graphics capability for a 
lightweight portable machine.  The laptop will also drive extrernal 
monitors using 15pin or DVI digital monitor connections.

Thats a lot of tech speak, but suffice to say that we were staggered 
by the performance and features of these machines.  Let's put this 
into context.  A Kinetic RiscPC gave just over 100 in general 
benchmarks, whilst a 3200-RISCube gave 200.  The RISCBook Extreme 
clocked in at nearly 300.  Although we don't have any figures, 
Iyonixes usually give about double the performance of a Kinetic RPC 
in such tests.  We were benchmarking at the 1680x1050 resolution, 
before anyone asks.  Seeing the Artworks apple fly past is still 
impressive, but this time we were able to run two side by side and 
still be gobsmacked by performance.

No doubt there would be areas where desktop machines like the Iyonix 
would give it a good run for its money.  But you can't unplug them 
from the mains and continue using them in your hands for several 

Of course, this kind of thing does have a downside.  The cost. Indeed, 
that's why we aren't including this on our normal website price list 
- people do have a habit of looking at the most expensive, and 
judging the rest by that yardstick.  This is a machine costing 
1850ukp inclusive of VAT/delivery/RO-Adjust.  However, to put it into 
perspective, top end machines like this often cost 2000ukp from 
deluxe PC suppliers, and that's without RISC OS!  You can save 
yourself 40ukp by choosing RO4 rather than Adjust, and more if you 

It's a good thing we didn't announce this in a couple of weeks time, 
because people wouldn't believe us. It's here.  Right now.  Let the 
drooling commence.

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