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Mark Stephens

Does all the work around here!

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Richard GoodwinRichard Goodwin

Rich is the benevolent dictator at TIB, beloved by puppies and small children (it says here). Along with Tim Fountain, Rich is a founder member of The Icon Bar and chief purchaser of bits that eventually make up the server. His hobbies include forgetting to write any new software and taunting newbies.

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Homepage: http://ww.houseofmabel.com/


Jeffrey Lee

Head procrastinator, and general fixer-of-stuff-that-other-people-can't-be-arsed-to-fix- or-haven't-even-noticed-is-broken-yet-despite-being-like-it-for-years.

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Homepage: http://www.phlamethrower.co.uk/


Andrew C. PooleAndrew C. Poole

Andy Poole is the resident Disney fan and (very) occasional poster of news.

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Homepage: http://www.andrewpoole.org.uk/



[No staff bio]

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Homepage: http://www.themaincontrolroom.freeserve.co.uk/


Phil MellorPhil Mellor

Monkeys monkeys monkeys.

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Homepage: http://www.monkeyson.info/