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Not so cute now?

Not so cute now?

The A9home is one of those things that seems to inspire a strong first
reaction, more often than not, "That's so cute!"

Here at Advantage6, while we like "cute", we know that "capable" is also
important and we have been working to add to the capabilities of the A9

Traditionally the Wakefield Show is where we take the opportunity to
demonstrate the potential cross-overs between our OEM and the retail
market - and 2006 will be no exception.

This year we will be focusing on connectivity, and the first item which
is confirmed to be a part of the demonstration will be our A9 with
integrated Bluetooth proof-of-concept.

Although the body of the work has been done to meet specific OEM
requirements, the core design is based on the same components as the
A9home - and Advantage6 have retained the rights to this, meaning that -
given sufficient demand - broader support could be developed and offered
as an upgrade to existing A9home owners.

With animals, nothing dispels "cute" so quickly as being shown some
teeth, but with the A9 we're not so sure that the two can't co-exist -
come along to the Wakefield Show and judge for yourself!

The Advantage6 team

About the A9

The A9 is a range of computers made up from a selection of base
profiles.  These can then be customised for any specific requirement
except for set top box or thin client.  Evaluation kits are available
ex-stock to qualified OEM customers.

The A9home is one such targeted machine.

The A9 range run RISC OS Adjust32 from RISCOS Ltd.


About Advantage Six Ltd

Advantage6 can help your company to achieve its goals by bringing
consultancy, design and project management services together.

OEM customers who are interested in making use of our expertise in
tailoring RISC OS to embedded solutions should contact Advantage6 direct.

Please note that Advantage6 do not deal directly with retail customers.


About the Wakefield Show

The Wakefield Show is the premier RISC OS event of the year.

This year it will be held at its usual location of Thornes Park Stadium,
Wakefield on Saturday 13th May.


Advantage Six Ltd
email: info@advantagesix.com
tel: 01706 848 600  fax: 0870 164 1604