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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISC OS 5.16 released

RISC OS 5.16 released

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 22:07, 23/1/2010 | , ,
RISC OS Open have announced that Castle have given the official seal of approval to RISC OS 5.16, the new version of the shared-source OS. The most prominent feature in this new version is a fix for the much-discussed year 2012 bug, where IYONIX computers would mistakenly read their real-time clock on startup if it's an odd-numbered decade.
The new IYONIX pc ROM can be downloaded free of charge from the ROOL site, in either flash programmer or softload form. ROOL advise that the ROM image is believed to work in softload form on all IYONIX versions of RISC OS from 5.10 or later. In flash programmer form, it should work from version 5.07 or later.
To avoid any unforseen compatibility issues with third-party software, it's advised to at try out the softload at least once before running the flash programmer tool. Just remember that the using the softload won't fix the year 2012 bug (and can even result in a jump to 2110) - the only way to fix the year 2012 bug is to use the flash programmer.
Update: ROOL have now added to the release announcement a human-readable list of the changes that have been made since the last official release (5.14).
  RISC OS 5.16 released
  Jacko (20:43 26/1/2010)
  Phlamethrower (20:52 26/1/2010)
    jessh (10:43 11/2/2010)
David Jackson Message #113065, posted by Jacko at 20:43, 26/1/2010
Posts: 80
Tried the 5.16 softload and the Iyonix jumped to year 2110? Used the 5.16 Iyonix Flash and everything is sorted - cheers smile
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Jeffrey Lee Message #113066, posted by Phlamethrower at 20:52, 26/1/2010, in reply to message #113065
PhlamethrowerHot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot stuff

Posts: 15057
Yeah, guess I forgot to mention that softloading the ROM image won't fix the time smile
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Jess Hampshire Message #113322, posted by jessh at 10:43, 11/2/2010, in reply to message #113066
Posts: 12
Having been given a G5 and having been working away from home a lot, I hadn't used my Iyonix much. I turned it on at the start of January to find the clock problem. I turned it on once to transfer some data.

Once I read about the new version I downloaded and installed it and the Iyonix now works fine. (apart from Pyjamas, but that's hopefully just a dodgy video card.)

I have now recased the machine and it is back in regular use.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISC OS 5.16 released