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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Review - Final Doom

Review - Final Doom

Posted by Tim Fountain on 00:00, 30/10/2000 | , ,

Next and final game in the Doom series, from by RCI. Reviewed by Tim Fountain and Jon Hall.

First the Doom trilogy (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and the extra level set), then Doom+, now Final Doom. You'll need to have Doom/Doom+ or DIY Doom to play, and if you want to install the levels on your hard disc -- 34mb free space.


The box, and very nice it is too.
Anyone expecting 'Doom 3' when they buy Final Doom will be disappointed. Final Doom is, in effect, two new level sets for Doom. There are no new weapons or anything like that, just two new iWADs. However, "just" doesn't really do it justice: the iWADs combined give you and extra 64 levels, and they are considerably more difficult than the Doom2 ones.

The package includes the PC CD, manual, and a RISC OS installation disc. It all comes in a rather nice box, and RCI have put a few extras on the disc such as the official Doom FAQ and a cheat list.

Title screen for the first set of levels.
The storylines are enough to give you nightmares, but I doubt many people will actually read them. In fact, I doubt many people will even open the manual at all. This is Doom, you know what you have to do.

The level design is excellent, clearly a lot of time was spent designing these ones. There are a couple of dodgy ones, but overall they're very good indeed. Generally they contain a lot more 'open space' than the Doom2 levels, which consequently means the game runs a little slower. If you've got a StrongARM machine you won't even notice it, but if you've got a standard RiscPC you might. That's not to say that you should only consider Final Doom if you've got a SA machine, it's just worth pointing out.

[Screenshot!]I'm sure many people will be asking why they shouldn't just go down to their local PC World and pick up a copy of the PC version of Final Doom. Well, you could do that, but it won't actually save you that much money. I fiver at most, and you'll have to do all the installation manually, as well as not getting all the extra goodies on the installation disc, or any technical support if you run into trouble.

Overall, it's a must for all Doom fans, especially those who want a real challenge.




[Screenshot!]Once again RCI have done us RISC OS users proud with a terrific port of TNT:Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment, which together make up the package 'Final Doom'.

It comes as a CD containing the iWADS, and a RiscOS installer on a floppy disc. Included on the floppy are the Doom FAQs, a Doom tune, and a wealth of information about RCI's Doom+, including a full cheat and command list.

[Screenshot!]One has the option of loading the full version, HD space permitting, or playing from the CD, and installation, as ever, was very easy. As with all !Doom+ additions there are many options to choose from, but these are easy to set up, and really enhance the gameplay. Sound and graphics are excellent - well up to the standard that we have come to expect. The game runs like a dream on my machine! So shell out 15ukp, turn up the gore setting, and go for it!! Highly recomended.


To sum up

The good...
  • Larger and more difficult than the original Doom levels
  • Lastability
...the bad
  • Marginally slower on non-SA RPCs


Rating: GOODRating: GOODRating: COOL


  Review - Final Doom
  (02:28 17/9/2003)
  STEVEO (04:11 28/2/2005)
Message #87906, posted at 02:28, 17/9/2003
Unregistered user doom 2 rocks
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STEVEO Message #87907, posted at 04:11, 28/2/2005, in reply to message #87906
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Review - Final Doom