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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Rougol August meeting is an award-winning event

Rougol August meeting is an award-winning event

Posted by Mark Stephens on 22:06, 16/8/2021 |
This month, the Rougol talk was another hybrid event, with 5 people in person and 30+ on Zoom. This month, we were treated to the RISC OS Awards, with Vince giving us the results in an Academy Awards style, sporting a bow tie, with his usual humour.

141 votes were cast for the awards using the form here. This was much better level than the last 3 years.
All the results are posted online at RISC OS Awards.
Several of the winners were on the call and invited to make comments.
It was really nice to see the wide range of RISC OS software and developers who featured in all the categories. And it was a lot more fun than just posting the results on the Internet.
And the Icon Bar was runner up in the best website category! So we will need to find some space on the mantlepiece...
As with all big events, there were opportunities to chat with the stars and other attendees afterwards.
Rougol website
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Rougol August meeting is an award-winning event