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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: RailPro
  Buggeye (16:14 7/5/2023)
  gerph (22:07 8/5/2023)
    Buggeye (15:57 16/5/2023)
Michael Smith Message #125437, posted by Buggeye at 16:14, 7/5/2023
Posts: 2
My favourite game from RiscPC days. However, having managed to get it loaded on raspberry pi I get error 'SPLAY_BELL' not found at 3000
Any idea where can be found please?
Thank you.
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Charles Justin Ferguson Message #125438, posted by gerph at 22:07, 8/5/2023, in reply to message #125437
Posts: 35
As I recall, the modules for sound are not 32bit safe in RailPro. Load the !RunImage file into an editor and comment out the command by prefixing it with a '|' character. You probably need to do the same for other instances of *SPlay commands.

Alternatively, update the !Run file with something like the following, before it calls the !RunImage:

Set Alias$SPlay_telef ||
Set Alias$SPlay_apla ||
Set Alias$SPlay_acco ||
Set Alias$SPlay_aurot ||
Set Alias$SPlay_warn ||
Set Alias$SPlay_bell ||
Set Alias$SPlay_trei2 ||

I'm a little surprised that the application starts as the modules that provide the sound should have generated errors.
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Michael Smith Message #125443, posted by Buggeye at 15:57, 16/5/2023, in reply to message #125438
Posts: 2
Thank you for this. I have just got round to trying it out. Used the Set Alias method and game runs OK.
Big problem now is that there is no sound.
Is there any way to have sound? Aeumlor does a great job with the basic program, but sound would make it much more playable.
Thanks again
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Acorn Arcade forums: Games: RailPro