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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: 2016 London Show report

2016 London Show report

Posted by Mark Stephens on 17:15, 30/10/2016 | ,
The 2016 London Show took place on 29th October 2016 at its regular location of St. Giles Hotel, Feltham. It was an exciting show, with new hardware, new software and new exhibitors.... So let's give you a quick tour (in the random order I visited them).
CJEmicros had everything they could carry in stock including the new update to !PhotoDesk (which now works on the latest machines) as well as their Rapido machines and new RISC OS version of the PiTop laptop. They were also handling sales of CloudFS on the day.
RComp had their range of ARM and Windows machines (including a new Windows laptop which doubles as a tablet) and some very nice monitors. They also had a new update for Fireworkz (now supporting global clipboard) and the non-RISC OS version of MessangerPro (including Linux).
ROOL were celebrating their 10th anniversary. They had a selection of badges with the dates in Hexadecimal and other number bases, but no cake. On the stand was a Titianium (controlling a robot arm) and their selection of CDs, USB keys and books.
On the AMCOG stand there was a new game to see and play and buy. If you missed it, it should be on the Plingstore in the next few days.
Archive's Jim Nagel arrived with the latest Archive edition. Given how upto date it was, the copies were probably still wet. He was also offering the Archive DVD with all the previous editions on it.
Just across the hall, you could also get the latest version of Drag'n'Drop magazine as a PDF download, or buy all the editions on a USB key in an attractive presentation box personalised for the show (also containing sweeties).
Oprheus Internet were talking about their various broadband packages and pricing. I personally use them for my home access and switched my business access to them as well, so I can recommend them.
Sine Nomine were demonstrating both their RiscOSM mapping software and also had their whole range of other software and games.
Next door, Soft Rock had software and RiscPC cases for RaspberryPi.
Michael Emerton was turning your machines into a RiscDJ with his software.
Steve Fryatt had his range of software on offer to raise money for charity and a new application (PS2Paper).
Organizer had a new release with improved security and cloud handling. They were also gathering ideas and requests for the next version.
RPCEmu also had a CD of their software to raise money for charity and a range of past and present machines.
Richard Keefe was showing off progress on converting Impression and offering subscriptions and updates.
Newcomer Ident Computer wa showing their kits for a RaspberryPi and also talking about how they have been reintroducing the children of 2016 to programming on the BBC and Acorn machines. They have their own licensed version of RISC OS which includes a slightly different set of icons and additional applications. What I found especially exciting, is that their focus is bring new people into the market.
RISCOSBits had some interesting hardware, including a very nice hard drive with a big Acorn on the outside and emulator software on the drive so you could take a portable machine with you and plug into any Windows machine. You can now also install a RapberyPi as a podule on a RiscPC and there was also GeminX (which looks like Windows on a box to access from your RISC OS machine).
There was also the charity stand and several BBC stands.
There was a full set of talks, which were videoed and will hopefully appear soon on the Internet.
It really was a busy show and I may well have missed stuff - please add to the comments section.
In conclusion, it was a lively show with lots of encouraging developments. Several exhibitors confessed that some developments had not quite made it so there should also be some interesting things to see at the South-West Show (now confirmed for 25th February 2017).
Some photos on Flickr
Updated 19th November
RISC OS blog has a nice write-up on the talks and show as well
  2016 London Show report
  markee174 (17:33 30/10/2016)
  MEmerton (15:11 18/11/2016)
    markee174 (09:43 19/11/2016)
Mark Stephens Message #123872, posted by markee174 at 17:33, 30/10/2016
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work around here

Posts: 144
Several exhibitors were also commenting that the recent decline in the value of the pound is likely to push up prices of many components. So we may see prices rising once current stocks are gone...
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Michael Emerton Message #123928, posted by MEmerton at 15:11, 18/11/2016, in reply to message #123872
Posts: 75
I think my brother would really like to know what you all though of his BBC (TV) software & hardware recovery stand, anyone care to share?
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Mark Stephens Message #123929, posted by markee174 at 09:43, 19/11/2016, in reply to message #123928
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 144
Is that one in https://www.flickr.com/photos/148945526@N07/30940021855/in/album-72157676476128975/ ?
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: 2016 London Show report