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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: CLFiler 1.44 released

CLFiler 1.44 released

Posted by Mark Stephens on 05:41, 3/10/2023 |
We last looked at CLFiler 1.35 and now pleased to receive the 1.44 release

CLFiler is a commercial Filer alternative to the standard RISC OS filer (you can use both together) which adds a large number of extra features you might be more familiar with on the platforms.


The new release is installed just by dragging the CLFiler Application to its new location and you need to update the !boot files as well.
There have been a number of releases since 1.35 which are all listed in the changelog. There have been a lot of fixes to issues (as a software developer myself I know that it is only once your customers start to use software that you find all the interesting issues!). And you can no longer run multiple copies of CLFiler (just multiple windows).
The range of keyboard shortcuts has also been extended, so F1 is a hotkey for help, CTRL-I is a shortcut for View Image.
The software will try to figure out the RISC OS filetypes on any foreign files so ,xxx extension will be translated to a filetype. This is especially useful running on RPCemu where you may access the underlying file system.
In my tests I found this version stable and resilient and the extra tweaks make it more polished. If you want a more powerful Filer, check it out.
Cloverleaf website
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: CLFiler 1.44 released