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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Orpheus hits crowdfunding target

Orpheus hits crowdfunding target

Posted by Mark Stephens on 17:26, 11/9/2018 |
In July, Orpheus announced their plan to crowdfund their new project.
With their usual modesty, they quietly recently updated their website to say the Company had raised the target figure and work has begun. Excellent news for RISC OS market and for their customers.....
On a personal note, my 6 year old router had issues over the weekend. Richard Brown from Orpheus was on the phone sorting it out at 9am on Saturday morning and helping me to sort out a replacement router asap.....
Orpheus Internet website
  Orpheus hits crowdfunding target
  mjprice (09:35 13/9/2018)
  hubersn (11:08 13/9/2018)
Matthew Price Message #124333, posted by mjprice at 09:35, 13/9/2018
Posts: 4
As someone stated in a comment on the original article surely it's far better to pay someone like AWS for this? Renting cheap space at an established data centre must be a cheaper option?

I'm not dismissing the brilliant work Orpheus has been doing, especially keeping the service running after Paul Vigay, but having a small local "shed" type server room just seems very dated. More akin to the 90s hobbyist way of running things.
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Steffen Huber Message #124334, posted by hubersn at 11:08, 13/9/2018, in reply to message #124333
Posts: 91
More akin to the 90s hobbyist way of running things.
So absolutely in line with "the RISC OS way". Do it on your own, but a lot more expensive and still sometimes worse.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Orpheus hits crowdfunding target