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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Rounding Up February

Rounding Up February

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 11:51, 26/2/2006 | , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
In this roundup: !AVerMedia; CJE stock; APDL world domination; RISCOS Ltd's latest offer; BeebIt 0.59; other new releases.

AVerMedia USB RadioFor those of you with USB capabilities on your RISC OS machines, and a need for software to control USB radios, Dave Higton brings you !AVerMedia hot on the heels of !DRU-R100. !AVerMedia is free, the code is GPL, you can use it with other apps (e.g. !Alarm) and it works on both the Castle and Simtec USB stacks. So how about throwing Dave a couple of quid so he can actually buy his own unit instead of borrowing one, for when you lot start wanting support? As for where you'd actually buy an AVerMedia USB radio, I dunno, surely even CJE Micros don't... oh, they do? In stock too? Should have known.
Link: !AVerMedia

Speaking as we were of CJE Micros and their legendary stock levels, they have a few other new tricks up their sleeves. First up is the Sharp 172GW 17" LCD monitor, which has those handy dual inputs y'all apparently seem to like: one's a DVI, but with a handy converter you can plug in two regular VGA connectors and switch between them. 225 GBP (inc VAT, ex-delivery) for the monitor, 14 GBP (inc VAT) for the converter, say about a tenner for delivery.
Next up are two Iyonix-compatible external USB hard drives, in 40GB and 80GB flavours - 125 and 140 earth pounds respectively, fully inclusive. They've also reduced prices on Virtal RiscPC-equipped Windows laptops. There's a lot of other new stuff - USB seems to be in this month - but the shocking news is a "What's Not In Stock" page! It mostly seems to be old hardware (video stuff like Viewfinder 8, 32 or 128MB, Irlam VideoDesk, 24i16 or i16 and Eagle M2 podules), computers (working BBC Masters, A4s in any condition) and other bits (A540 PSU, Risc PC Econet, and unused 80 track floppy media), so if you're sitting on any of this stuff (VIGAY!) now might be the time to make a little cash...
Link: CJE Micros

David Bradforth has announced that the Alligata line of books are going digital via self-publish website lulu.com. Basic V: A Dabhand Guide by Mike Williams can currently be downloaded for $6 (what, only three and a half quid?) or bought printed for $12.45. Those prices are set to change RSN though. APDL are also looking for testers for 32-bit neutral WimpBasic and an Excel loader/exporter for Schema2! Email info(at)apdl.co.uk, but make sure you have the latest versions, returned your registration card etc.
Link: APDL

RISCOS Ltd. celebrates the "7th Anniversary of signing Agreement with Element 14" by offering RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROMs for 69 quid (63 + p&p); you've only got from Wednesday 1st March to Friday 17th March for this one though.
Link: RISCOS Ltd.

Michael Foot, one of my favourite Kiwis (after Peter Jackson and my Uncle Bob of course), has released v0.59 of 8-bit Acorn emulator BeebIt. A lot of work appears to have been done to the memory handling, which has the not inconsequencial effect of allowing Level 9 adventures to run in BBC Master and B+ modes.
Link: BeebIt

Other releases

  Rounding Up February
  David Bradforth (19:12 27/2/2006)
  rich (08:00 28/2/2006)
David Bradforth Message #94135, posted by David Bradforth at 19:12, 27/2/2006
Posts: 25
erm.. there are a lot of Daves in this market.

I'm Dave Bradforth - Alligata Media being my thing...
Dave Holden is the APDL supremo through whom UK retail sales of my products are mostly made.

APDL-ProAction tis a joint venture, but due too my own time commitments I've largely stepped back from it.

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Richard Goodwin Message #94136, posted by rich at 08:00, 28/2/2006, in reply to message #94135
Dictator for life
Posts: 6821
Gah! Too many Daves! I saw your post on the books, visited the APDL site for those, and just assumed the other posts were yours too. And you know what they say about when you assume...

I've changed it slightly so that it doesn't call you a supremo ;) Sorry about that.

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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Rounding Up February