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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive Edition 26:2 reviewed

Archive Edition 26:2 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 09:38, 4/4/2023 | ,
If you are a subscriber to Archive (and if you are even vaguely interested in RISC OS, you should be), you should have recently received your latest copy (March/April). This issue is a packed 52 pages of news, reviews, comment and even some advertisements.


As traditional, the magazine always gives the first word to its editor and Gavin's editorial provides plenty of reasons to be upbeat about RISC OS. Spring is definitely in the air (great seasonal photo on the front cover as always with the bluebells out). There are 5 pages of news (as usual updated right up to publication) and links for you to follow-up.
As usual, the 'meat' of Archive is the user-contributed articles. They generally include the author's contact details so you can always follow-up if you have questions.
There are lots of articles on RISC OS hardware this month, with an article on whether ARMX6 is now obselete, First thoughts on the Pinebook Pro, and lots of details on the new Fast machines from RISCOSbits. These are nicely complemented by an article on RISC OS's 64-bit future (which also summaries how the ARM chips have evolved).
There are also lots of practical/hands-on articles. You can find out about Circuit board design with RiscPCB, Rob Sprowson continues his PIC guide, more on Using GPS with RISC OS, part 2 on A RISC OS tracker and further details on the User Dictionary in eSpeak.
The new RISC OS Arcade column revisits some RISC OS classics. If your tastes are more retro, the new Teletext elite and other 8 bit games are covered in Acorn Retro. Bimal Jangra is back by popular demand with a 'Computer Bits' section which covers other systems in general (not just Windows).
Hearsay has a long interview with Ovation Pro power use and Applets author Gavin Crawford, who has been using RISC OS since 1995. Hidden between the main articles are little snippets and hints and tips - I will leave you to discover them.....
I really enjoyed reading this issue and the magazine continues to go from strength to strength under its (still relatively new) editor. It has something for everyone, whether your interest is cutting edge RISC OS development or just enjoying old games, with everything inbetween.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive Edition 26:2 reviewed