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The Icon Bar is the longest running RISC OS portal. The sensibilities that Acorn instilled in us still influence our interests and writing.

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Archive Edition 26:2 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 09:38, 4/4/2023 | ,
If you are a subscriber to Archive (and if you are even vaguely interested in RISC OS, you should be), you should have recently received your latest copy (March/April). This issue is a packed 52 pages of news, reviews, comment and even some advertisements.
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Archive 2021 Issue 5 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:50, 5/11/2021 |
The October/November edition of Archive Magazine is now available, or on its way to you. If you attended the London Show on saturday, you could personally get your copy from the editor and meet him in person.
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Archive 2021 Issue 3 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:17, 26/4/2021 |
Archive issue 3 is now out and will be landing on your doorsteps soon (possibly with a bit of a thud as it is another 56 page edition).
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Archive 2021 Issue 2 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:17, 1/3/2021 |
The next 56 page edition of Archive is now out (and hopefully with you or in transit). This is Gavin Smith's second outing as editor and he shares some of his learning experiences in the editorial and the magazine. Paper weight is everything...
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Drag'n'Drop Winter 2020 edition reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 10:36, 3/4/2020 | ,

Drag'n'Drop magazine is now back into a regular publishing schedule. The latest edition was released at the recent South-West Show and reviewed here.
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Archive 24:5 Reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:37, 15/11/2019 | ,
It has been a long time in the making, but Archive 24:5 is finally out!
It is a solid 56 page edition catching up on developments in the last year or so. Jim Nagel is an old-school journalist (I still fondly remember his Computer Shopper columns in my youth) and he maintains very high production standards for the magazine.
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More Acorn Magazine nostalgia

Posted by Mark Stephens on 12:20, 13/10/2018 |
In a previous article, we covered some of the online resources for reading online some of the magazine from past years.
Now you can also enjoy the whole of The Frobnicate collection online. There has also been some lively discussion on the magazines online in the ROOL forums.
There is also some good content (especially technical articles) from Acorn User.
And if you want something right to to date, we should see new editions from Archive and Drag'n'Drop around the London show.
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New edition of Archive lands on my doorstep...

Posted by Mark Stephens on 19:28, 17/4/2018 | ,

It has been a while, but the latest edition of Archive magazine (Vol 24 No4), is now available. It is 55 pages of news, reviews and articles. It was also nice to see some new and returning names amongst the contributors.
The 7 page news section is presumably still wet, with full preview details for the Wakefield Show. Jim Nagel has been clearly sleuthing for new stories and has updates from all the usual RISC OS companies and beyond. Great to hear Elesar are hoping to resurrect Prophet next.
There have been a couple of shows since the last edition of Archive, so you will also find Show reviews for London Show, Recursion Show, South-West Show, and a sneak preview for Wakefield. Now you know what you missed...
There is also a review of Chris Hall's !FamTree and and update on Aemulor, charting releases, development and history.
What really makes Archive is the user articles. Chris Hall continues in his quest for the ultimate GPS system using RISC OS, Gerald Fitton covering transferring emails between RISC OS and Windows. There is a Mac related column (which also covers VNC and Cloud software), a PC column (including updates on Windows 10) and Gavin Wraith experiments with StrongED modefiles. David Brown shows us how to use SchemeED (which can create schematic diagrams of electronic circuits on RISC OS) and Bimal Jangra shares what DARC Technology Club learned about Forensic science.
Lastly, you will find some hints and tips on RISC OS related apps - advice on Photodesk and DPScan in this edition.
It may no longer be a monthly event, but Archive remains an excellent read and Jim Nagel is an 'old school journalist' (do you remember Computer Shopper columns?) who always delivers the highest quality copy.
Archive website
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Drag'n'drop winter 2018 edition reviewed

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Revisting the old Acorn magazines online

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Summer edition of Drag'N'Drop hits the shelves

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Latest Drag'n'Drop magazine reviewed

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Archive 24.3 Review

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Spring Issue of Drag'n'Drop Magazine hits the shelves

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