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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: February Grab Bag

February Grab Bag

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:35, 15/2/2003 | , , , , , , ,
Okay, here's a mid-February type grab bag of information, should any of you have sobered up enough after any Valentine's Day overindulgence to read the little squiggles.

First up, R-Comp have secured the rights to two Iota products, DataPower and Image Outliner. DataPower, a top notch database, is also available in Mac and PC versions; R-Comp won't be handling those, but will ensure that the RISC OS version will continue to be compatible with the other platforms, and make DP 32-bit compatible to boot. Image Outliner converts bitmap images to vector format, the sort of thing that has been of interest to some of our readers in the recent past. DP weighs in at £125 inc. VAT (down from 149 ex-VAT), and IO is £17.50, down from around fifty quid.

Secondly, here's advance warning of the South West show on Saturday 22nd February 2003 at The Webbington Hotel, Loxton, near Axbridge in North Somerset. This is being supported by both the Bristol and Wessex user groups, there's a free shuttle service from Weston-Super-Mare train station, and stack loads of exhibitors, so head over to the Acorn Show website for more info. I'm not sure about all this advertising shows in advance - I much prefer leaving it to the very last minute and watching everyone scurry about trying to organise train tickets etc. - but we've also had word from Steve Potts, Chairman of the Wakefield club, about "...a PDF Poster for the show and also an HTML code fragment for linking to the show website from your own". So if you want to promote the "primier" (sic) RISC OS Computer show head on over to The Wakefield Show website.

A suitably brief mention now of RISCOS Ltd.s new RSS feed, which all the cool kids seem to be doing these days. Pity that Gerph's RSS reader seems to be heading for a Select-only release...

And it wouldn't be a :richg:-style roundup without news on Martin Würthner's continued work on ArtWorks - this month sees the SVG export module in beta test, and the (multi-column etc.) text area module updated to support it. Go Martin!

Well, until that third slice of Castle news gets substantiated, and I finish up my "Slashdotting" report, that's all for now.

The Icon Bar - now available in TIBblefish

  February Grab Bag
  (00:06 16/2/2003)
  glavallin (04:04 16/2/2003)
    glavallin (04:08 16/2/2003)
      rich (09:36 16/2/2003)
        ... (12:10 16/2/2003)
          ad (14:37 16/2/2003)
            A Rawnsley (17:26 16/2/2003)
              Phlamethrower (13:10 17/2/2003)
                rich (15:54 18/2/2003)
Dave Message #91829, posted at 00:06, 16/2/2003
Unregistered user TIBblefish gives "The Bar of Icon" - love it!
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Geoff Lavallin Message #91830, posted by glavallin at 04:04, 16/2/2003, in reply to message #91829
Posts: 44
Good I'm glad someone has taken over the reins of
Datapower.I will have to ask Rcomp if the upgrade
from DP1 to DP2 has a similar 30% reduction in price.
This would bring it down to about 53 pounds which is
just feasable given my present circumstances.
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Geoff Lavallin Message #91831, posted by glavallin at 04:08, 16/2/2003, in reply to message #91830
Posts: 44
Sod it ....
I forgot to add
Will Rcomp's version of Image Outliner will be to install
on a hard disc without the floppy being in?
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Richard Goodwin Message #91832, posted by rich at 09:36, 16/2/2003, in reply to message #91831
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
The original email doesn't say, it's very DP-centric; IO only gets a brief mention. I've emailed for clarification though.
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... Message #91833, posted at 12:10, 16/2/2003, in reply to message #91832
Unregistered user Even XaraX doesn't have SVGexport does it???!?!
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Andrew Duffell Message #91834, posted by ad at 14:37, 16/2/2003, in reply to message #91833

Posts: 3262
Ignore this comment. I am just checking sommit
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A Rawnsley Message #91835, posted at 17:26, 16/2/2003, in reply to message #91834
Unregistered user IO has had the protection removed and the silly loading banner removed too. The UI has been updated to fit in with a modern RISC OS look and feel (rather than looking like a RISC OS 2 reject) and the icons have been tarted up too.

DP1 - 2 upgrades - I don't see why we can't reduce them. We haven't given it any thought, but off the top of my head, 50ukp (a little under what was posted above) would seem more than ample.

Hope this is good news for people!

Andrew (R-Comp)

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Jeffrey Lee Message #91836, posted by Phlamethrower at 13:10, 17/2/2003, in reply to message #91835
PhlamethrowerHot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot stuff

Posts: 15100
Woo! You mentioned TIBblefish - nice one, rich! :E
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Richard Goodwin Message #91837, posted by rich at 15:54, 18/2/2003, in reply to message #91836
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
More on the RSS reader - it's just not completely ready yet, so isn't on the http://www.movspclr.co.uk/ site. Some features will be Select only (logos, I imagine) but it'll work on other machines.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: February Grab Bag