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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: eBay Watch: Phoebe, Kinetic, and StrongARM

eBay Watch: Phoebe, Kinetic, and StrongARM

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 10:56, 1/5/2004 | , , , , , , , ,
PhoebeOnce again there are some more great buys on eBay. After browsing the list of RISC OS related items I have uncovered three items that may be of interest to both RISC OS users and collectors.
The fabled Acorn Phoebe has turned up on eBay, although it isn't really a Phoebe, but a StrongARM, RISC OS 4 Risc PC in a Phoebe box. Interest has come from well known RISC OS users such as Martin Hansen. This auction is already over £150 with postage in the region of £12.50
Also appearing this week is a very high spec Kinetic RiscPC with 194MB memory, RISC OS Select, 100MB/S Ethernet, and more. This is currently in the region of £200 and is expect to rise a lot higher.
Finally, wooyay has listed a 200MHz StrongARM for a Risc PC which is currently under £50. StrongARMs are a must for RiscPC users who want to use most software at a reasonable speed, and usually sell for in the region of £100
Phoebe Risc PC
Kinetic Risc PC
StrongARM Processor Card

  eBay Watch: Phoebe, Kinetic, and StrongARM
  martin (23:43 8/5/2004)
martin hansen Message #92905, posted by martin at 23:43, 8/5/2004
Posts: 17
Well done Phil Webster - your excellent bidding tactics have just out foxed me for the Pheobe - Phew that was tense I need a drink - Almost £250 - Andrew will be pleased !
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: eBay Watch: Phoebe, Kinetic, and StrongARM