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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISC OS on TV take 2

RISC OS on TV take 2

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:23, 3/4/2006 | , , , ,
Daniela And Risc PCFollowing up on our world exclusive on RISC OS being used on TV, here's some more shots. Paul Middleton sent in eight shots from a show filmed in 2001, starring Daniela "This Life" Nardini. Hopefully we'll be getting our hands on some more shots soon, which we'll add to the collection. If you have any, let us know.

Moredesk ScreenCheck out 7th Software's MoreDesk, a bad-ass virtual desktop app with different backdrops for each "desktop" and previews of window positions etc. Or don't, see if I care. It's £14.99 for the full version, but there's a two-desktop, 10 minute demo available gratis.

risc-os.de is a new German website from the Arcsite's Carlos Michael Santill√°n. As part of this RISC OS advocacy site, Carlos would like as many different RISC OS version screenshots as possible. I know a good starting place...

So CJE Micros is celebrating 25 years in business? Alas my laptop started making some very nasty crunching noises over the weekend, so you'll have to wait until they update their website to see what special offers they're going to celebrate with.


  RISC OS on TV take 2
  Hertzsprung (13:05 3/4/2006)
  nunfetishist (13:37 3/4/2006)
    ksattic (14:32 3/4/2006)
      ad (16:10 3/4/2006)
        andrew (00:48 15/4/2006)
          andrew (00:49 15/4/2006)
James Shaw Message #94144, posted by Hertzsprung at 13:05, 3/4/2006

Posts: 1746
http://www.iconbar.com/gallery/into_the_void/medium/Risc_PC_on_Desk.jpg funky keyboard there, what is it?
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Rob Kendrick Message #94145, posted by nunfetishist at 13:37, 3/4/2006, in reply to message #94144
Today's phish is trout a la creme.

Posts: 522
Err, last time I checked, Fareham was in Hampshire.
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Simon Wilson Message #94146, posted by ksattic at 14:32, 3/4/2006, in reply to message #94145
Finally, an avatar!

Posts: 1291
Looks like the keyboard Castle was supplying with the A7000+ Surf Odyssey back in 2001. I remember the round function keys.
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Andrew Duffell Message #94147, posted by ad at 16:10, 3/4/2006, in reply to message #94146

Posts: 3262
We got that on out Kinetic RPC from castle many years ago. It has a little clip in wrist rest too.
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Andrew Message #94148, posted by andrew at 00:48, 15/4/2006, in reply to message #94147
HandbagHandbag Boi
Posts: 3439
Same keyboard as I've been using for the past 6 years!
When was Intothevoid made?
I was ambivalent towards Ms."Icecream" Nardini when This Life was shown. A few years ago I realised how stupid I was. [multiple posts removed - RG.]
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Andrew Message #94149, posted by andrew at 00:49, 15/4/2006, in reply to message #94148
HandbagHandbag Boi
Posts: 3439
Great job netsurf :rolleyes:
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: RISC OS on TV take 2