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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Show! There's a show! Show happening! [updated^2]

Show! There's a show! Show happening! [updated^2]

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 09:58, 21/10/2005 | , , , , , , , , , , ,
SE ShowJust in case you forgot, or didn't listen to the podcast all the way through - SASAUG RISC OS South East Show 2005 at Guildford College, Saturday October 22nd 2005. It's from 10am to 4pm and costs a fiver on the door.

Chris Evans - no, not the Ginger Whinger, the super-fit Donald Sutherland look-alike - will apparently have three stands there under various company names, and even that's not enough to stock everything. So you might have a rare opportunity to hear him say "we don't have that in stock" for once. Although don't count on it, because they're going loaded with everything from USB pen drives to VRPC-loaded laptops and LCD screens.

R-Comp - for shame! Only two emails prior to a show? We usually look forward to a deluge! So we'll mention UniPrint 2, with its ability to open files or Web URLs from the RISC OS desktop on a networked PC (handy for IE-only websites or complex Office documents), and it's better Virtual Acorn integration - but we're not mentioning MusicMan. Nope. Not mentioning it at all. No MusicMan 1.50 mention for you.

And finally check out the Finnybank stand for issues of Qercus, and because the say they "have news about how we might help RISC OS developers - in particular those producing software for free or nearly free - so come and see us at the Qercus stand if that describes you." News monkeys - I want details!

Update: This just in - the Advantage Six team couldn't be on their own stand this year due to prior commitments, but will be literally flying in to prove the portability of the A9home on the CJE and RISCOS Ltd. stands. However, the mental picture of them helicoptering in to the show ground with a metal case handcuffed to their wrists that sentence conjured up is probably better than the presumed reality of them arriving bleary-eyed at Gatwick and hopping a taxi to the show with an A9home nestled in a suitcase between their dirty laundry. Your questions will be answered in between sips of very strong coffee. That's how much Stu and Matt love you guys.

Update 2: How could I have forgotten ArtWorks 2.50 with native PDF export?

  Show! There's a show! Show happening! [updated^2]
  [mentat] (14:48 21/10/2005)
  ilcook (17:09 21/10/2005)
    Hertzsprung (21:47 21/10/2005)
I don't have tourettes you're just a cun Message #93943, posted by [mentat] at 14:48, 21/10/2005
[mentat]Fear is the mind-killer
Posts: 6266
Ooooh! :)

I can't go :(

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Ian Cook Message #93944, posted by ilcook at 17:09, 21/10/2005, in reply to message #93943
trainResident idiot
Posts: 1073
Poor mentat. Well I AM.
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James Shaw Message #93945, posted by Hertzsprung at 21:47, 21/10/2005, in reply to message #93944

Posts: 1746
So am I. Everyone that's going, see here: http://www.iconbar.com/forums/viewthread.php?threadid=6981
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Show! There's a show! Show happening! [updated^2]