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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 2021 Issue 3 reviewed

Archive 2021 Issue 3 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:17, 26/4/2021 |
Archive issue 3 is now out and will be landing on your doorsteps soon (possibly with a bit of a thud as it is another 56 page edition).

The arrival of baby Louis Smith, who gets his own intro in the editor's column (and already has more hair than his dad), didn't prevent this issue of Archive from appearing.
As usual the magazine starts with 6 pages of news from the RISC OS world. There is also a letters sections (emails accepted), hints and tips, dates for your diary, yellow pages and some links to Archive resources. There are even some ads.
The real strength of the magazine has always been the user articles and there is a wide selection in this edition. Bernard Boase gives us an overview of the differences between ePic and RISC OS Direct releases of RISC OS. This includes not only the different software applications included but also usage and even bugs. Bernard also has a second article to review the RISC OS Direct release for Pi 4.
Chris Hall tells us all about updates to his Cat program, which generates pretty graphical views of your directories and their contents. Chris also have a tutorial (with BASIC code) on the Wimp Redraw loop.
John Schild has an article about setting up his Pi4 with RISC OS and using RiscOSM (spoiler, it is very quick and runs very well). John Peachey gives us a review of the book "Acorn a World in Pixels".
Terry Kelly has an article on researching your family history on RISC OS and reviews the different applications we have. There is also lots of information on working with GEDCOM files.
Archive also has some regular monthly columns. Anthony Bartram has the first part of his series on creating a RISC OS Tracker to play music. Nicholas Cutler has the third part of his series about ARM architecture and we look at memory and caches.
Rob Sprowson has his third Code Burp, and the second part of the Profit Prophet series is devoted to user feedback and tips.
The Mac Matters column covers more about screen-sharing (and Macs). Colin Piggot has an Acorn Retro section which looks at some BBC and Spectrum games this month.
In summary, archive continues to go from strength to strength. Gavin seems to have really settled into the role of editor. Production quality is really high and the magazine is a pleasure to read. If you have not tried it before or stopped your subscription, it is well worth revisiting.
Archive Website
  Archive 2021 Issue 3 reviewed
  Bucksboy (18:25 26/4/2021)
  SparkY (14:13 6/5/2021)
    SparkY (17:41 6/5/2021)
George Greenfield Message #125113, posted by Bucksboy at 18:25, 26/4/2021
Posts: 91
As a recent returner to Archive (the current issue will be my third since reactivating my sub) I would heartily recommend it. Anyone wondering about the relevance of a printed magazine - as I did - should definitely give it a go: I wasn’t sorry and you won’t be either!
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Gavin Smith Message #125118, posted by SparkY at 14:13, 6/5/2021, in reply to message #125113
Danger! Danger! High Voltage!
Posts: 697
While the majority of subscribers seem to have received their copy of Archive 25:3 a couple of weeks ago, the day after they were posted (at least in the UK), I have received several emails this week about it still not turning up. After digging into it, they all appear to be from the same batch of 78 copies, as confirmed on the Royal Mail Click and Drop website. (We split the posting up into several batches for convenience, all posted on the same day.) I have placed a call with Royal Mail Support, although I don't expect much of a resolution.

If you haven't received your copy yet, I'd be grateful if you could send a quick email to gavin@archivemag.co.uk to let me know. This will help me confirm my theory about this particular batch. If it hasn't turned up in a day or two, I will have to replace the whole batch. In the meantime, I can send a unique link to a PDF copy to tide you over.

Apologies if you are one of the 78!
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Gavin Smith Message #125119, posted by SparkY at 17:41, 6/5/2021, in reply to message #125118
Danger! Danger! High Voltage!
Posts: 697

I got enough responses to confirm that all missing the latest issue were from the same batch, so, this evening, I sent a second copy to all 78 affected, by first class. Hopefully the new batch will be with subscribers by Saturday. Thanks to those who got in contact.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 2021 Issue 3 reviewed