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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 2021 Issue 5 reviewed

Archive 2021 Issue 5 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:50, 5/11/2021 |
The October/November edition of Archive Magazine is now available, or on its way to you. If you attended the London Show on saturday, you could personally get your copy from the editor and meet him in person.

This is another bumper 56 page colour issue (and makes a very satisfying thump when I put it down on my desk). There is an extended news section with all the latest news from the London Show (I am sure the ink on my copy was still damp), along with a wide mix of articles on both software and hardware.
This issue's lead article is written by Jeroen Vermeulen, who has been converting games, originally written in Python, to good old BBC BASIC. Find out how he did it, and the various tools that he used. TIB interviewed Jeroen a few years ago about all these projects.
The regular PC Bits, Mac Matters, Acorn Retro and Code Burps (some cool tricks with words and assembler) sections are all present along with several articles on programming, games, Python, and programming. There is a very detailed review of Desk Watcher.
There is a Letters and Email section and a nice hints and tips trick for multiple search and replace in StrongEd (definitely new to me). The yellow pages was squeezed out due to lack of space.
Gavin has talked about making some changes to Archive. This edition will feel very familiar to existing readers (great picture on the front cover), but there are some subtle changes. Gavin talks more about his plans in the magazine and was keen to discuss at the show.
Finally, Gavin's editorial untangles the mysteries of post-brexit subscriptions from the EU and has some useful ideas for European readers to get their Archive magazine.
We have one more edition to look forward in 2021 with the December issue. There may also be an exciting revamp on the website and some new features....
If you are not a subscriber (shame on you!), you can find out more about what you are missing and subscription details at the website.
  Archive 2021 Issue 5 reviewed
  Gavin (16:36 5/11/2021)
Gavin Wraith Message #125234, posted by Gavin at 16:36, 5/11/2021
Posts: 31
Unfortunately Gavin has been caught out by a quirk of Impression that used to trip Jim Nagel up. It appears that openbrace ( { ) tells Impression to omit the next word. Program listings can become unintelligible in consequence. BASIC listings are generally unscathed.
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Acorn Arcade forums: News and features: Archive 2021 Issue 5 reviewed